.NET Framework 與不定期發行.NET Framework and out-of-band releases

.NET Framework 已演進以配合不同的平臺(例如 UWP 應用程式和傳統桌面和 web 應用程式),並可讓程式碼重複使用。.NET Framework has evolved to accommodate different platforms, such as UWP apps and traditional desktop and web apps, and to maximize code reuse. 除了一般 .NET Framework 版本外,新功能會以頻外(OOB)發行,以改善跨平臺開發或引進新功能。In addition to regular .NET Framework releases, new features are released out of band (OOB) to improve cross-platform development or to introduce new functionality.

OOB 版本的優點Advantages of OOB releases

將新元件或元件的更新傳送至頻外,可讓 Microsoft 為 .NET Framework 提供更頻繁的更新。Shipping new components or updates to components out of band enables Microsoft to provide more frequent updates to .NET Framework. 此外,我們還能更迅速地彙總和回應客戶意見。In addition, we can gather and respond to customer feedback more quickly.

當您在應用程式中使用 OOB 功能時,您的使用者不需要安裝最新版本的 .NET Framework 來執行您的應用程式,因為 OOB 元件會隨您的應用程式套件一起部署。When you use an OOB feature in your app, your users do not have to install the latest version of .NET Framework to run your app, because the OOB assemblies deploy with your app package.

OOB 套件散發的方式How OOB packages are distributed

核心通用語言執行平臺(CLR)元件的 OOB 版本是透過NuGet傳遞,這是 .net 的套件管理員。OOB releases for core common language runtime (CLR) components are delivered through NuGet, which is the package manager for .NET. NuGet 可讓您從 Visual Studio 內輕鬆流覽並將程式庫新增至您的 .NET Framework 專案。NuGet enables you to browse and add libraries to your .NET Framework projects easily from within Visual Studio. 從 Visual Studio 2012 開始,NuGet 套件管理員隨附于所有版本的 Visual Studio。NuGet Package Manager is included with all editions of Visual Studio starting with Visual Studio 2012. 在 Visual Studio 的 [工具] 功能表上尋找 [ NuGet 套件管理員]。Look for NuGet Package Manager on the Tools menu in Visual Studio. 如果未安裝,請依照安裝 NuGet上的指示進行。If it's not installed, follow the instructions on Installing NuGet. 如需 NuGet 的詳細資訊,請參閱nuget檔。For more information about NuGet, see the NuGet docs.

使用 NuGet OOB 套件Use a NuGet OOB package

如果已安裝 NuGet 套件管理員,您可以使用 Visual Studio 中的方案總管,流覽並新增 NuGet 套件的參考:If NuGet Package Manager is installed, you can browse and add references to NuGet packages by using Solution Explorer in Visual Studio:

  1. 開啟 Visual Studio 中專案的捷徑功能表,然後選擇 [管理 NuGet 套件]****。Open the shortcut menu for your project in Visual Studio, and then choose Manage NuGet Packages. (這個選項也可以在 [專案]**** 功能表中取得)。(This option is also available from the Project menu.)

  2. 在左窗格中,選擇 [連線]****。In the left pane, choose Online.

  3. 如果您想要使用發行前套件,請在中間窗格的下拉式清單方塊中,選擇 [包含發行前版本]****,而不要選擇 [僅限穩定版本]****。If you want to use prerelease packages, in the drop-down list box in the middle pane, choose Include Prerelease instead of Stable Only.

  4. 在右窗格中,使用 [搜尋]**** 方塊尋找您要使用的套件。In the right pane, use the Search box to locate the package you would like to use. 某些 Microsoft 套件已獲得 Microsoft .NET Framework 標誌識別,而且所有套件都會將 Microsoft 識別為發行者。Some Microsoft packages are identified by the Microsoft .NET Framework logo, and all identify Microsoft as the publisher.

NuGet 套件管理員。

如前面所述,當您部署使用 OOB 套件的應用程式時,OOB 組件會隨附於應用程式套件。As mentioned previously, when you deploy an app that uses an OOB package, the OOB assemblies will ship with your app package.

OOB 版本的類型Types of OOB releases

通常,OOB 套件會有一個或多個發行前版本和一個穩定版本。Typically, an OOB package has one or more prerelease versions and a stable version. 發行前版本隨附的授權通常不允許轉散發,但是可讓您試用套件並提供意見。The license that accompanies a prerelease doesn't typically allow redistribution, but enables you to try out a package and provide feedback. 意見會納入對套件的任何更新中。Feedback is incorporated in any updates made to the package. 最終版本會做為穩定套件隨 NuGet 一起散發,並且包含可讓您隨應用程式轉散發 NuGet 套件的授權。A final release is distributed as a stable package with NuGet and includes a license that lets you redistribute the NuGet package with your app. Microsoft 支援穩定套件。Stable packages are supported by Microsoft. Microsoft 會為所有套件提供 IntelliSense 支援,以及其他類型的文件 (例如,部落格文章和論壇解答)。Microsoft provides IntelliSense support as well as other types of documentation such as blog posts and forum answers for all packages. 此外,部分 (但不是所有) 套件可能會隨附原始程式碼。In addition, source code may be available with some, but not all, packages. 如需有關新套件和更新套件的公告,您可以訂閱 .NET Framework 部落格For announcements regarding new and updated packages, you can subscribe to the .NET Framework Blog.

若要尋找發行前版本和穩定套件,請在 NuGet 套件管理員中選擇 [包含發行前版本]。To find both prerelease and stable packages, choose Include Prerelease in NuGet Package Manager.

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