CorDebugBlockingObject 結構CorDebugBlockingObject Structure

定義封鎖執行緒的物件,以及封鎖執行緒的特定原因。Defines an object that is blocking a thread and the specific reason that the thread is blocked.


Typedef struct CorDebugBlockingObject  
ICorDebugValue pBlockingObject;  
DWORD dwTimeout;  
CorDebugBlockingReason blockingReason;  
}  CorDebugBlockingObject;  


memberMember 描述Description
pBlockingObject 執行緒封鎖所在的物件。The object on which the thread is blocking. 只有在目前已同步處理狀態的持續時間內,此物件才有效。This object is valid only for the duration of the current synchronized state. 如果兩個執行緒在相同物件的相同同步處理狀態中封鎖,您可能會預期 ICorDebugValue:: GetAddress 方法會傳回相同的值。If two threads are blocking on the same object within the same synchronized state, you may expect the ICorDebugValue::GetAddress method to return the same value. 不過,介面可能會或可能不是指標相等。However, the interfaces may or may not be pointer equivalent.
dwTimeout 封鎖作業超時之前的毫秒數,或值無限,表示不會超時。超時值指定封鎖作業的總時間長度,而不是剩餘的時間。The number of milliseconds before the blocking operation will time out, or the value INFINITE, which indicates that it will not time out. The time-out value specifies the total length of time for the blocking operation, not the time that is still remaining.
blockingReason 此物件封鎖執行緒的原因。The reason that the thread is blocked on this object.



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標頭: Cordebug.h .idlHeader: CorDebug.idl

程式庫: CorGuids.libLibrary: CorGuids.lib

.NET Framework 版本:自 4 起可用Available since 4.NET Framework Versions: 自 4 起可用Available since 4

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