ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum 介面ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum Interface

為 Managed 堆積的記憶體區域提供列舉值。Provides an enumerator for the memory regions of the managed heap. 這個介面是 ICorDebugEnum 介面的子類別。This interface is a subclass of the ICorDebugEnum interface.


方法Method 描述Description
下一個方法Next Method 取得指定數目的 COR_SEGMENT 實例,其中包含 managed 堆積區域的相關資訊。Gets the specified number of COR_SEGMENT instances that contain information about regions of the managed heap.


介面會實 ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum ICorDebugEnum 介面。The ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum interface implements the ICorDebugEnum interface.

ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum 由呼叫ICorDebugProcess5:: EnumerateHeapRegions方法,將實例填入COR_SEGMENT實例。An ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum instance is populated with COR_SEGMENT instances by calling the ICorDebugProcess5::EnumerateHeapRegions method. 您可以藉由呼叫ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum:: Next方法來列舉集合中的COR_SEGMENT物件。The COR_SEGMENT objects in the collection can be enumerated by calling the ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum::Next method.

ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum集合物件會列舉可能包含 managed 物件的所有記憶體區域,但不保證 managed 物件實際上位於這些區域中。An ICorDebugHeapSegmentEnum collection object enumerates all memory regions that may contain managed objects, but it does not guarantee that managed objects actually reside in those regions. 它可能包含空白或保留的記憶體區域的相關資訊。It may include information about empty or reserved memory regions.


平台: 請參閱 系統需求Platforms: See System Requirements.

標頭: CorDebug.idl、CorDebug.hHeader: CorDebug.idl, CorDebug.h

程式庫: CorGuids.libLibrary: CorGuids.lib

.NET Framework 版本:自 4.5 起可用Available since 4.5.NET Framework Versions: 自 4.5 起可用Available since 4.5

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