ICorDebugStringValue 介面ICorDebugStringValue Interface

套用至字串值之 ICorDebugHeapValue 的子類別。A subclass of ICorDebugHeapValue that applies to string values.


方法Method 描述Description
GetLength 方法GetLength Method 取得這個所參考之字串中的字元數 ICorDebugStringValueGets the number of characters in the string referenced by this ICorDebugStringValue.
GetString 方法GetString Method 取得這個所參考的字串 ICorDebugStringValueGets the string referenced by this ICorDebugStringValue.



這個介面不支援跨電腦或跨處理序的遠端呼叫。This interface does not support being called remotely, either cross-machine or cross-process.


平台: 請參閱 系統需求Platforms: See System Requirements.

標頭: CorDebug.idl、CorDebug.hHeader: CorDebug.idl, CorDebug.h

程式庫: CorGuids.libLibrary: CorGuids.lib

.NET Framework 版本:自 1.0 起可用Available since 1.0.NET Framework Versions: 自 1.0 起可用Available since 1.0

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