WCF 功能詳細資料WCF Feature Details

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 可讓您有效掌控應用程式的訊息功能。Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) allows extensive control over the messaging functions of an application. 本節的主題將詳述可用的功能。The topics in this section go into detail about the available features. 如需有關基本程式設計的詳細資訊,請參閱 < 基本 WCF 程式設計For more information about basic programming, see Basic WCF Programming.

本節內容In This Section

工作流程服務Workflow Services
描述如何建立和設定工作流程服務。Describes how to create and configure workflow services.

端點:位址、 繫結和合約Endpoints: Addresses, Bindings, and Contracts
描述如何控制服務的多種層面。Describes how to control multiple aspects of your service.

資料傳輸與序列化Data Transfer and Serialization
說明資料的序列化如何針對互通或未來相容性而量身打造。Describes how serialization of data can be tailored for interoperation or future compatibility.

工作階段、執行個體與並行Sessions, Instancing, and Concurrency
說明 WCF,以及如何選取正確的模式,您的應用程式的執行個體和工作階段模式。Describes the instancing and session modes of WCF and how to select the right mode for your application.

說明如何設定通道堆疊的最底層:傳輸層。Describes how to configure the transport layer, the lowest level of the channel stack.

佇列和可靠工作階段Queues and Reliable Sessions
說明代表接收應用程式儲存來自傳送應用程式的訊息,並在稍後將這些訊息轉發給接收應用程式的佇列。Describes queues, which store messages from a sending application on behalf of a receiving application and later forward these messages to the receiving application.

解釋如何建立在需要時可復原的交易作業。Explains how to create transacted operations that can be rolled back if needed.

說明 WCF 安全性如何協助您建立具有機密性與完整性的應用程式。Describes how WCF security helps you to create applications that have confidentiality and integrity. 驗證、授權和稽核功能皆可使用。Authentication and authorization are also available, as are auditing features.

對等網路Peer-to-Peer Networking
詳述如何建立對等式服務與用戶端。Details how to create peer services and clients.

說明中繼資料的架構和格式。Describes metadata architecture and formats.

說明如何建立存取服務的各種用戶端。Describes how to create a variety of clients that access services.

說明裝載。Describes hosting. 服務可以由另一個應用程式裝載,或是自我裝載。A service can be hosted by another application, or it can be self-hosted.

互通性和整合Interoperability and Integration
描述如何使用 WCF 來擴充現有邏輯,而不需要將它改寫,如果您已長期開發裝載於 COM + 元件為基礎的應用程式邏輯。Describes how to use WCF to extend your existing logic rather than having to rewrite it if you have a substantial investment in component-based application logic hosted in COM+.

WCF Web HTTP 程式設計模型WCF Web HTTP Programming Model
描述可讓開發人員公開非 SOAP 端點的 WCF 服務作業的 WCF Web 程式設計模型。Describes the WCF Web Programming Model that allows developers to expose WCF service operations to non-SOAP endpoints.

WCF 摘要整合WCF Syndication
說明簡易公開新聞訂閱摘要,從 WCF 服務的支援。Describes support to easily expose syndication feeds from a WCF service.

AJAX 整合與 JSON 支援AJAX Integration and JSON Support
描述對 ASP.NET Asynchronous JavaScript 與 XML (AJAX) 及 JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) 資料格式,讓 WCF 服務對 AJAX 用戶端公開作業。Describes support for ASP.NET Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data format to allow WCF services to expose operations to AJAX clients.

WCF 探索WCF Discovery
描述以互通方式使用 WS-Discovery 通訊協定讓服務可在執行階段搜尋的支援。Describes support to enable services to be discoverable at runtime in an interoperable way using the WS-Discovery protocol.

描述路由服務。Describes the routing service.






基本 WCF 程式設計Basic WCF Programming