Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 範例Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) samples

您可以下載 Windows Communication Foundation (.NET Framework 4 的 WCF) 範例You can download Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) samples for .NET Framework 4. 這些範例會提供 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 的各個層面的指示。The samples provide instruction on various aspects of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).


本節中的文章說明下載套件中的一些範例。The articles in this section describe some of the samples in the download package. 如需涵蓋所有範例的完整檔集,請參閱 WCF 範例的 .NET Framework 4 檔For a complete documentation set that covers all of the samples, check the .NET Framework 4 documentation for WCF samples.

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 應用程式 範例也會示範數種 WCF 功能。The Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) application samples also demonstrate several WCF features.

本節內容In this section

說明基本 WCF 功能的基本範例。Basic - Samples that illustrate basic WCF functionality.

擴充性-與探索功能相關的範例Extensibility - Samples that are related to the discovery feature.

案例 -示範 WCF 案例。Scenario - Demonstrates a WCF scenario.