Windows FormWindows Forms

由於表單是應用程式的基礎單位,因此在表單的功能和設計方面需要多加考量。As forms are the base unit of your application, it is essential that you give some thought to their function and design. 表單基本上就像是一個空白面板,身為開發人員的您可使用控制項建立使用者介面,並使用程式碼管理資料,來增強表單。A form is ultimately a blank slate that you, as a developer, enhance with controls to create a user interface and with code to manipulate data. 為此,Visual Studio 提供整合式開發環境(IDE),協助您撰寫程式碼,以及使用 .NET Framework 撰寫的豐富控制項集。To that end, Visual Studio provides you with an integrated development environment (IDE) to aid in writing code, as well as a rich control set written with the .NET Framework. 您可以利用程式碼來補充這些控制項的功能,進而輕鬆快速地開發所需的方案。By complementing the functionality of these controls with your code, you can easily and quickly develop the solutions you need.

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Windows Forms 使用者入門Getting Started with Windows Forms
提供如何控制 Windows Form 的能力,以更強固的安全性輕鬆地顯示資料、處理使用者輸入和部署應用程式的相關主題連結。Provides links to topics about how to harness the power of Windows Forms to display data, handle user input, and deploy your applications easily and with more robust security.

增強 Windows Forms 應用程式Enhancing Windows Forms Applications
提供如何以各種功能增強 Windows Form 的相關主題連結。Provides links to topics about how to enhance your Windows Forms with a variety of features.

Windows Forms 控制項Windows Forms Controls
包含描述 Windows Form 控制項及示範如何加以實作的主題連結。Contains links to topics that describe Windows Forms controls and show how to implement them.

Windows Forms 資料繫結Windows Forms Data Binding
包含描述 Windows Form 資料繫結架構的主題連結。Contains links to topics that describe the Windows Forms data-binding architecture.

圖形概觀Graphics Overview
討論如何使用 Windows 圖形設計介面的進階實作,來建立圖形、繪製文字,以及將圖形影像做為物件管理。Discusses how to create graphics, draw text, and manipulate graphical images as objects using the advanced implementation of the Windows graphics design interface.

ClickOnce 安全性和部署ClickOnce Security and Deployment
討論 ClickOnce 部署的原則。Discusses the principles of ClickOnce deployment.

Windows Forms/MFC 程式設計的差異Windows Forms/MFC Programming Differences
討論 MFC 應用程式和 Windows Form 之間的差異。Discusses the differences between MFC applications and Windows Forms.

存取 Visual Studio 中的資料Accessing data in Visual Studio
討論如何將資料存取功能納入您的應用程式。Discusses incorporating data access functionality into your applications.

Windows Forms 應用程式Windows Forms Applications
討論針對 Windows 應用程式專案範本所建立的應用程式進行偵錯的程序,以及如何變更偵錯和發行組態。Discusses the process of debugging applications created with the Windows Application project template, as well as how to change the Debug and Release configurations.

請先查看 Visual Studio 中的部署First look at deployment in Visual Studio
描述散發完成的應用程式或要安裝於其他電腦之元件的過程。Describes the process by which you distribute a finished application or component to be installed on other computers.

建置主控台應用程式Building Console Applications
描述使用 Console 類別建立主控台應用程式的基本概念。Describes the basics of creating a console application using the Console class.