.NET 指南.NET guide

.NET 指南提供 .NET 的相關資訊。The .NET guide provides information about .NET. 視您對 .NET 的熟悉程度而定,您可能會想要探索本指南的不同章節和其他指南,例如.Net Core.NET FrameworkDepending on your familiarity with .NET, you may wish to explore different sections of this guide and other guides such as .NET Core or .NET Framework.

.NET 新手New to .NET

如果您想要 .NET 的高階總覽,請參閱什麼是 .net?If you want a high-level overview of .NET, see What is .NET?.

如果您不熟悉 .NET,請參閱開始使用。If you're new to .NET, see Get started.

如果您想要透過 .NET 的主要功能進行引導式導覽,請參閱.net 的導覽If you prefer to have a guided tour through major features of .NET, see Tour of .NET.

如需 .NET 的各種不同部分,以及它們如何彼此配合的總覽,請參閱.net 架構元件For an overview of the various pieces of .NET and how they fit together, see .NET architectural components.

.NET Core 新手New to .NET Core

如果您不熟悉 .NET Core,請參閱.Net core 使用者入門If you're new to .NET Core, check out Get started with .NET Core.

.NET Standard 新手New to .NET Standard

如果您還不熟悉 .NET Standard,請參閱 .NET StandardIf you're new to .NET Standard, check out .NET Standard.

.NET Standard 或 .NET Core 的埠 .NET Framework 程式碼Port .NET Framework code to .NET Standard or .NET Core

若要將應用程式、服務、元件或 NuGet 套件移植到 .NET Standard 或 .NET Core,請參閱從 .NET Framework 移植到 .Net coreTo port an application, service, component, or NuGet package to .NET Standard or .NET Core, see Port to .NET Core from .NET Framework. .NET Standard 和 .NET Core 的工具是共用的,因此內容與移植到這兩個架構有關。Tooling for .NET Standard and .NET Core is shared, so the content is relevant for porting to both frameworks.

.NET 概念.NET concepts

如需 .NET 主要概念的詳細資訊,請參閱:For more information about the major concepts of .NET, see:

如需這三種主要 .NET 語言的相關資訊,請參閱:For information about the three major .NET languages, see:

API 參考API reference

如需 .NET 中所有可用 Api 的詳細資訊,請參閱.NET API 參考For detailed information about all of the APIs that are available in .NET, see .NET API reference.