LINQ 的 Visual Studio IDE 和工具支援(Visual Basic)Visual Studio IDE and Tools Support for LINQ (Visual Basic)

Visual Studio 整合式開發環境 (IDE) 提供支援 LINQ 應用程式開發的下列功能:The Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) provides the following features that support LINQ application development:

物件關聯式設計工具Object Relational Designer

物件關聯式設計工具是一種視覺化設計工具,可讓您在LINQ to SQL的應用程式中,用來產生 Visual Basic 中的類別,以代表基礎資料庫中的關聯式資料。The Object Relational Designer is a visual design tool that you can use in LINQ to SQL applications to generate classes in Visual Basic that represent the relational data in an underlying database. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Visual Studio 中的 LINQ to SQL 工具For more information, see LINQ to SQL Tools in Visual Studio.

SQLMetal 命令列工具SQLMetal Command Line Tool

SQLMetal 是一種命令列工具,可讓您在建置處理序中使用,以從現有資料庫產生用於 LINQ to SQL 應用程式的類別。SQLMetal is a command-line tool that can be used in build processes to generate classes from existing databases for use in LINQ to SQL applications. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 SqlMetal.exe (程式碼產生工具)For more information, see SqlMetal.exe (Code Generation Tool).

可感知 LINQ 的程式碼編輯器LINQ-Aware Code Editor

Visual Basic 程式碼編輯器會使用 IntelliSense 和格式化功能來廣泛支援 LINQ。The Visual Basic code editor supports LINQ extensively with IntelliSense and formatting capabilities.

Visual Studio 偵錯工具的支援Visual Studio Debugger Support

Visual Studio 偵錯工具支援查詢運算式的偵錯。The Visual Studio debugger supports debugging of query expressions. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱偵錯 LINQFor more information, see Debugging LINQ.

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