逐步解說:宣告和引發事件 (Visual Basic)Walkthrough: Declaring and Raising Events (Visual Basic)

本逐步解說示範如何針對名為 Widget的類別,宣告和引發事件。This walkthrough demonstrates how to declare and raise events for a class named Widget. 完成這些步驟之後,您可能會想要閱讀「逐步解說:處理事件」主題,其中會顯示如何使用來自 Widget 物件的事件,在應用程式中提供狀態資訊。After you complete the steps, you might want to read the companion topic, Walkthrough: Handling Events, which shows how to use events from Widget objects to provide status information in an application.

Widget 類別The Widget Class

假設您有 Widget 類別。Assume for the moment that you have a Widget class. 您的 Widget 類別有一個可能需要很長時間才能執行的方法,而且您想要讓應用程式能夠放置某種類型的完成指標。Your Widget class has a method that can take a long time to execute, and you want your application to be able to put up some kind of completion indicator.

當然,您可以讓 Widget 物件顯示 [完成百分比] 對話方塊,但是您會在使用 Widget 類別的每個專案中,停滯該對話方塊。Of course, you could make the Widget object show a percent-complete dialog box, but then you would be stuck with that dialog box in every project in which you used the Widget class. 物件設計的一個良好原則是讓使用物件的應用程式處理使用者介面,除非物件的整個目的是要管理表單或對話方塊。A good principle of object design is to let the application that uses an object handle the user interface—unless the whole purpose of the object is to manage a form or dialog box.

Widget 的目的是要執行其他工作,因此最好加入 PercentDone 事件,然後讓呼叫 Widget的方法的程式處理該事件並顯示狀態更新。The purpose of Widget is to perform other tasks, so it is better to add a PercentDone event and let the procedure that calls Widget's methods handle that event and display status updates. PercentDone 事件也可以提供取消工作的機制。The PercentDone event can also provide a mechanism for canceling the task.

若要建立本主題的程式碼範例To build the code example for this topic

  1. 開啟新的 Visual Basic Windows 應用程式專案,並建立名為 Form1的表單。Open a new Visual Basic Windows Application project and create a form named Form1.

  2. 將兩個按鈕和標籤新增至 Form1Add two buttons and a label to Form1.

  3. 依照下表所示的方式,命名物件。Name the objects as shown in the following table.

    物件Object 屬性Property 設定Setting
    Button1 Text 啟動工作Start Task
    Button2 Text 取消Cancel
    Label (Name), Text(Name), Text lblPercentDone,0lblPercentDone, 0
  4. 在 [專案] 功能表上,選擇 [加入類別],將名為 Widget.vb 的類別加入至專案。On the Project menu, choose Add Class to add a class named Widget.vb to the project.

若要宣告 Widget 類別的事件To declare an event for the Widget class

  • 使用 Event 關鍵字來宣告 Widget 類別中的事件。Use the Event keyword to declare an event in the Widget class. 請注意,事件可以有 ByValByRef 引數,如 WidgetPercentDone 事件所示:Note that an event can have ByVal and ByRef arguments, as Widget's PercentDone event demonstrates:

    Public Event PercentDone(ByVal Percent As Single, 
                             ByRef Cancel As Boolean)

當呼叫物件收到 PercentDone 事件時,Percent 引數會包含已完成之工作的百分比。When the calling object receives a PercentDone event, the Percent argument contains the percentage of the task that is complete. Cancel 引數可以設定為 True 取消引發事件的方法。The Cancel argument can be set to True to cancel the method that raised the event.


您可以宣告事件引數,就如同執行程式的引數一樣,但下列例外狀況除外:事件不能有 OptionalParamArray 引數,而且事件沒有傳回值。You can declare event arguments just as you do arguments of procedures, with the following exceptions: Events cannot have Optional or ParamArray arguments, and events do not have return values.

PercentDone 事件是由 Widget 類別的 LongTask 方法所引發。The PercentDone event is raised by the LongTask method of the Widget class. LongTask 接受兩個引數:方法假裝為執行工作的時間長度,以及 LongTask 暫停之前的最小時間間隔,以引發 PercentDone 事件。LongTask takes two arguments: the length of time the method pretends to be doing work, and the minimum time interval before LongTask pauses to raise the PercentDone event.

若要引發 PercentDone 事件To raise the PercentDone event

  1. 若要簡化這個類別所使用之 Timer 屬性的存取,請將 Imports 語句加入至類別模組之宣告區段的頂端(在 Class Widget 語句上方)。To simplify access to the Timer property used by this class, add an Imports statement to the top of the declarations section of your class module, above the Class Widget statement.

    Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic.DateAndTime
  2. 將下列程式碼加入 Widget 類別:Add the following code to the Widget class:

    Public Sub LongTask(ByVal Duration As Single, 
                        ByVal MinimumInterval As Single)
        Dim Threshold As Single
        Dim Start As Single
        Dim blnCancel As Boolean
        ' The Timer property of the DateAndTime object returns the seconds
        ' and milliseconds that have passed since midnight.
        Start = CSng(Timer)
        Threshold = MinimumInterval
        Do While CSng(Timer) < (Start + Duration)
            ' In a real application, some unit of work would
            ' be done here each time through the loop.
            If CSng(Timer) > (Start + Threshold) Then
                RaiseEvent PercentDone( 
                Threshold / Duration, blnCancel)
                ' Check to see if the operation was canceled.
                If blnCancel Then Exit Sub
                Threshold = Threshold + MinimumInterval
            End If
    End Sub

當您的應用程式呼叫 LongTask 方法時,Widget 類別每隔 MinimumInterval 秒就會引發 PercentDone 事件。When your application calls the LongTask method, the Widget class raises the PercentDone event every MinimumInterval seconds. 當事件傳回時,LongTask 檢查 Cancel 引數是否設定為 TrueWhen the event returns, LongTask checks to see if the Cancel argument was set to True.

這裡有幾個必要的免責聲明。A few disclaimers are necessary here. 為了簡單起見,LongTask 程式會假設您事先知道工作會花多少時間。For simplicity, the LongTask procedure assumes you know in advance how long the task will take. 幾乎不會發生這種情況。This is almost never the case. 將工作劃分成甚至大小的區塊可能會很難,而對使用者而言,最重要的就是在收到某個專案的指示之前傳遞的時間量。Dividing tasks into chunks of even size can be difficult, and often what matters most to users is simply the amount of time that passes before they get an indication that something is happening.

您可能已在此範例中發現另一個缺陷。You may have spotted another flaw in this sample. Timer 屬性會傳回從午夜以來已過的秒數;因此,如果應用程式在午夜之前就啟動,就會停滯。The Timer property returns the number of seconds that have passed since midnight; therefore, the application gets stuck if it is started just before midnight. 更小心測量時間的方法會將界限條件(例如這種情況)納入考慮,或使用 Now之類的屬性加以避免。A more careful approach to measuring time would take boundary conditions such as this into consideration, or avoid them altogether, using properties such as Now.

現在 Widget 類別可以引發事件,您可以移至下一個逐步解說。Now that the Widget class can raise events, you can move to the next walkthrough. 逐步解說:處理事件示範如何使用 WithEvents,將事件處理常式與 PercentDone 事件產生關聯。Walkthrough: Handling Events demonstrates how to use WithEvents to associate an event handler with the PercentDone event.

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