Visual Basic 語言規格Visual Basic Language Specification

Visual Basic 語言規格是有關 Visual Basic 文法和語法的所有問題的解答的授權來源。The Visual Basic Language Specification is the authoritative source for answers to all questions about Visual Basic grammar and syntax. 它包含的語言,包括 Visual Basic 參考文件中未涵蓋的許多相關的詳細的資訊。It contains detailed information about the language, including many points not covered in the Visual Basic reference documentation.

此規格可在 Microsoft 下載中心取得。The specification is available on the Microsoft Download Center.

此網站包含 VB 11 規格This site contains the VB 11 specification. 這是從 dotnet/vblang GitHub 存放庫 (英文) 中所包含的 Markdown 檔案建置而來。It's built from the Markdown files contained in the dotnet/vblang GitHub repository.

規格的相關問題應該在 dotnet/vblang 存放庫中建立。Issues on the specification should be created in the dotnet/vblang repository. 或者,如果您想要修正所發現的任何錯誤,可以提交提取要求 (英文) 至相同的存放庫。Or, if you're interested in fixing any errors you find, you may submit a Pull Request to the same repository.

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