EFCore.Practices 延伸模組EFCore.Practices Extension


這項擴充功能不會保留為 Entity Framework Core 專案的一部分。This extension is not maintained as part of the Entity Framework Core project. 考慮第三方擴充功能,請務必評估品質、 授權、 支援等以確保它們符合您的需求。When considering a third party extension, be sure to evaluate quality, licensing, support, etc. to ensure they meet your requirements.

嘗試擷取支援測試 API 中 – N + 1 查詢掃描的小型架構包括一些較佳或最佳作法。Attempt to capture some good or best practices in an API that supports testing – including a small framework to scan for N+1 queries.

下列資源將協助您開始使用 EFCore.Practices。The following resource will help you get started with EFCore.Practices.