EFSecondLevelCache.Core 延伸模組EFSecondLevelCache.Core Extension


這項擴充功能不會保留為 Entity Framework Core 專案的一部分。This extension is not maintained as part of the Entity Framework Core project. 考慮第三方擴充功能,請務必評估品質、 授權、 支援等以確保它們符合您的需求。When considering a third party extension, be sure to evaluate quality, licensing, support, etc. to ensure they meet your requirements.

第二個層級快取文件庫。Second Level Caching Library. 第二個層級快取是查詢快取。Second level caching is a query cache. 將快取中,儲存 EF 命令的結果,以便在相同的 EF 命令會從快取,而非一次執行它們對資料庫中擷取其資料。The results of EF commands will be stored in the cache, so that the same EF commands will retrieve their data from the cache rather than executing them against the database again.

下列資源將協助您開始使用 EFSecondLevelCache.Core。The following resource will help you get started with EFSecondLevelCache.Core.