這項擴充功能不會保留為 Entity Framework Core 專案的一部分。This extension is not maintained as part of the Entity Framework Core project. 考慮第三方擴充功能,請務必評估品質、 授權、 支援等以確保它們符合您的需求。When considering a third party extension, be sure to evaluate quality, licensing, support, etc. to ensure they meet your requirements.

LLBLGen Pro 是模型化方案中的使用 Entity Framework 和 Entity Framework Core 支援的實體。LLBLGen Pro is an entity modeling solution with support for Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core. 它可讓您輕鬆地定義您的實體模型,並將它對應至您的資料庫,先使用資料庫或模型第一次,因此您可以開始撰寫查詢以立即開始。It lets you easily define your entity model and map it to your database, using database first or model first, so you can get started writing queries right away.

下列資源會協助您開始使用 LLBLGen Pro。The following resources will help you get started with LLBLGen Pro.