ASP.NET Core 上的 EF Core 使用者入門Getting Started with EF Core on ASP.NET Core

這 101 個教學課程不需要事先了解 Entity Framework Core 或 Visual Studio。These 101 tutorials require no previous knowledge of Entity Framework Core or Visual Studio. 它們會帶您逐步建立簡單 ASP.NET Core 應用程式,以查詢和儲存資料庫中的資料。They will take you step-by-step through creating a simple ASP.NET Core application that queries and saves data from a database. 您可以選擇的教學課程包含根據現有資料庫建立模型,或根據您的模型建立資料庫。You can choose a tutorial that creates a model based on an existing database, or creates a database for you based on your model.

您可在 ASP.NET Core 簡介找到 ASP.NET Core 文件。You can find the ASP.NET Core documentation at Introduction to ASP.NET Core.


這些教學課程和隨附的範例已更新為使用 EF Core 2.0 (但仍使用 EF Core 1.1 的 UWP 教學課程例外)。These tutorials and the accompanying samples have been updated to use EF Core 2.0 (with the exception of the UWP tutorial, that still uses EF Core 1.1). 不過,在大多數情況下,只要對指示進行最少的修改,應該就能夠建立使用舊版本的應用程式。However, in the majority of cases it should be possible to create applications that use previous releases, with minimal modification to the instructions.