Entity Framework 6Entity Framework 6

Entity Framework 6 (EF6) 是已經過試用並測試的資料存取技術,具有多年的功能和穩定性。Entity Framework 6 (EF6) is a tried and tested data access technology with many years of features and stabilization. 它是在 2008 年當成 .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 和 Visual Studio 2008 SP1 的一部分第一次發行。It first released in 2008, as part of .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1. 從 EF4.1 版開始,它會出貨為 EntityFramework NuGet 套件,這目前是 NuGet.org 上的其中一個最常見套件。Starting with the EF4.1 release it has shipped as the EntityFramework NuGet package - currently one of the most popular packages on NuGet.org.

Entity Framework 6 文件目前位於 msdn.com/data/efThe Entity Framework 6 documentation is currently available at msdn.com/data/ef.