Outlook for iOS 與 Exchange Online 中的 android (英文)Outlook for iOS and Android in Exchange Online

摘要: 本文包含架構和安全性的資訊為系統管理員的 iOS Outlook 及 android (英文)。Summary: This article contains architectural and security information for administrators about Outlook for iOS and Android.

IOS 及 Android 的 Outlook 應用程式的設計目的在於結合電子郵件、 行事曆、 連絡人及其他檔案,讓使用者在組織中的執行多從其行動裝置。本文提供架構的概觀及應用程式儲存設計使 Office365 系統管理員可以部署及維護其組織中的 Outlook for iOS 及 android (英文)。The Outlook app for iOS and Android is designed to bring together email, calendar, contacts, and other files, enabling users in your organization to do more from their mobile devices. This article provides an overview of the architecture and the storage design of the app, so that Office365 administrators can deploy and maintain Outlook for iOS and Android in their organizations.


IOS 及 Android 說明中心 Outlook是提供給使用者,包括使用特定裝置上的應用程式與疑難排解資訊的說明。The Outlook for iOS and Android Help Center is available for users, including help for using the app on specific devices and troubleshooting information.

適用於 iOS 和 Android 架構的 OutlookOutlook for iOS and Android architecture

IOS 及 Android 的 Outlook 應用程式內建原本就與 Exchange Online 運作。Outlook 應用程式與 Office 365 之間的端對端、 TLS 安全連線是受保護的所有資料。The Outlook app for iOS and Android is built to work natively with Exchange Online. All data is protected by end-to-end, TLS-secured connections between the Outlook app and Office 365.

舊版的 Outlook for iOS 及 Android 根據來自 Microsoft 的擷取的 Acompli 的程式碼。雖然這些舊版利用執行 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 中的雲端元件,該架構已經被取代。新的架構支援 Exchange Online 信箱原本就,這表示沒有快取的 Office 365 外部的信箱資料。資料只會停留在其目前的 Exchange Online 信箱,並會受到之間的 iOS Outlook 以及 Android 和信箱 TLS 安全連線。Outlook 應用程式現在已與 Microsoft 服務,提供安全性、 隱私權和規範的組織需要完全整合。Previous versions of Outlook for iOS and Android were based on code that came from Microsoft's acquisition of Acompli. While these earlier versions leveraged cloud components that ran in Amazon Web Services (AWS), that architecture has been replaced. The new architecture supports Exchange Online mailboxes natively, which means there is no mailbox data that is cached outside of Office 365. Data simply stays in its current Exchange Online mailbox, and is protected by TLS-secured connections between Outlook for iOS and Android and the mailbox. The Outlook app is now fully integrated with Microsoft services, providing the security, privacy, and compliance that organizations need.

IOS 及 Android outlook 也會使用內建在 Azure 中執行的無狀態通訊協定轉譯器元件。此元件可讓應用程式與 Exchange Online 之間的通訊。它路由傳送的資料和翻譯命令,但不會快取的任何使用者資料。Outlook for iOS and Android also uses a stateless protocol translator component that is built to run in Azure. This component enables communication between the app and Exchange Online. It routes data and translate commands, but it does not cache any user data.

與 Outlook 裝置 API 命令和應用程式與 Exchange 之間的資料會同步專屬 API 撰寫被由於 outlook iOS 及 android (英文)。Exchange Online 的資料是透過公開可用的 REST Api 來存取。Outlook for iOS and Android is coded with the Outlook device API, a proprietary API that syncs commands and data between the app and Exchange. Exchange Online data is accessed via the publicly available REST APIs.