Exchange Online 中移除組織關係Remove an organization relationship in Exchange Online

組織關係可讓 Office 365 組織中的使用者與其他 Office 365 或內部部署 Exchange 組織共用行事曆空閒/忙碌資訊。 您可以移除組織關係,以停用與其他組織的行事曆共用。An organization relationship lets users in your Office 365 organization share calendar free/busy information with other Office 365 or on-premises Exchange organizations. You can remove an organization relationship to disable calendar sharing with the other organization.

若要深入了解組織關係,請參閱Organization relationships in Exchange OnlineTo learn more about organization relationships, see Organization relationships in Exchange Online.

開始之前有哪些須知?What do you need to know before you begin?

  • 預估完成時間:5 分鐘。Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes.

  • 您必須獲得權限才能執行此程序或程序。若您需要哪些權限,請參閱Exchange Online 中的權限主題。You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure or procedures. To see what permissions you need, see the Permissions in Exchange Online topic.

您要執行的工作What do you want to do?

使用 Exchange 系統管理中心移除組織關係Use the Exchange admin center to remove an organization relationship

  1. 從 Office 365 系統管理中心移至 [系統管理 > ExchangeFrom the Office 365 admin center go to Admin > Exchange.

  2. 移至 [組織 > 共用Go to organization > sharing.

  3. 在 [組織共用] 下選取組織關聯性] 和 [刪除刪除圖示Under Organization Sharing, select an organization relationship, and then click DeleteDelete icon.

  4. 在出現的警告中,按一下 [是]*In the warning that appears, click *yes.

使用 Exchange 管理命令介面移除組織關係Use the Exchange Management Shell to remove an organization relationship

此範例會移除 Contoso 的組織關係。This example removes the organization relationship Contoso.

Remove-OrganizationRelationship -Identity "Contoso"

如需詳細的語法及參數資訊,請參閱 Remove-OrganizationRelationshipFor detailed syntax and parameter information, see Remove-OrganizationRelationship.

如何知道這是否正常運作?How do you know this worked?

若要確認您是否已成功移除組織關係,請執行下列其中一項操作:To verify that you have successfully removed the organization relationship, do one of the following:

  • 在 Exchange 系統管理中心,移至 [組織 > 共用,並確認該組織關係未顯示在 [組織共用] 下的 [清單] 檢視。In the Exchange admin center, go to organization > sharing and verify that the organization relationship isn't displayed in the list view under Organization Sharing.

  • 執行下列 Exchange 管理命令介面命令,確認組織關係資訊已移除。Run the following Exchange Management Shell command to verify the organization relationship information is removed.

    Get-OrganizationRelationship | Format-List


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