Outlook 語音存取使用者中斷連線之前設定輸入失敗的次數Configure the number of input failures before Outlook Voice Access users are disconnected

您可以設定撥打 Outlook 語音存取號碼的使用者可以輸入不正確的資料之前所要中斷連線的次數。此設定會套用到 Outlook 語音存取使用者與未經過驗證的來電者使用目錄搜尋。You can configure the number of times that users who call in to an Outlook Voice Access number can enter incorrect data before they're disconnected. This setting applies to both Outlook Voice Access users and unauthenticated callers who use directory search.

以下是會視為不正確資料類型的範例:The following are examples of types of data that are considered incorrect:

  • 系統中找不到來電者要求的分機號碼。A caller requests an extension number that isn't found in the system.

  • 系統找不到該使用者的分機號碼來轉接來電。The system can't locate the user's extension number to transfer the call.

  • 來電者按下無效的功能表選項。A caller presses a menu option that isn't valid.

此設定的值可以是介於 1 到 20。對於大多數的組織而言,此值應設為預設值是三個嘗試。將此值過低可能會提前中斷來電者。The value of this setting can be from 1 through 20. For most organizations, this value should be set to the default of three attempts. Setting this value too low may prematurely disconnect callers.

如需與 UM 撥號對應表相關的其他管理工作,請參閱 UM Dial Plan ProceduresFor additional management tasks related to UM dial plans, see UM Dial Plan Procedures.

開始之前有哪些須知?What do you need to know before you begin?

  • 預估完成時間: 少於 1 分鐘。Estimated time to complete: Less than 1 minute.

  • 您必須獲得權限才能執行此程序或程序。若您需要哪些權限,請參閱Messaging Permissions主題中的 「 UM 撥號對應表 」 項目。You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure or procedures. To see what permissions you need, see the "UM dial plans" entry in the Unified Messaging Permissions topic.

  • 執行這些程序之前,請確認已建立 UM 撥號對應表。如需詳細步驟,請參閱 <建立 UM 撥號對應表Before you perform these procedures, confirm that a UM dial plan has been created. For detailed steps, see Create a UM dial plan.

  • 如需適用於此主題中程序的快速鍵相關資訊,請參閱 Exchange 系統管理中心的鍵盤快速鍵For information about keyboard shortcuts that may apply to the procedures in this topic, see Keyboard shortcuts in the Exchange admin center.


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您要執行的工作What do you want to do?

使用 EAC 來設定中斷連線前的輸入錯誤次數Use the EAC to configure the input failures before disconnect

  1. 在 EAC 中,瀏覽至 [整合通訊 > UM 撥號對應表In the EAC, navigate to Unified Messaging > UM dial plans.

  2. 在清單檢視中,選取您要修改的 UM 撥號] 和 [編輯編輯圖示In the list view, select the UM dial plan you want to modify, and then click EditEdit icon.

  3. 按一下 [ UM 撥號對應表] 頁面的 [設定]。On the UM dial plan page, click Configure.

  4. 在 [設定]**** 中,在 [中斷連線之前發生輸入錯誤]**** 底下,輸入輸入錯誤的次數。In Settings, under Number of input failures before disconnecting, enter the number of input failures.

  5. 按一下 [儲存]Click Save.

使用命令介面設定中斷連線之前發生輸入錯誤的次數Use the Shell to configure the input failures before disconnect

本範例會設定之前先輸入的失敗中斷連線至 5 在 UM 撥號對應表名為MyUMDialPlanThis example sets the input failures before disconnect to 5 on a UM dial plan named MyUMDialPlan.

Set-UMDialPlan -identity MyUMDialPlan -InputFailuresBeforeDisconnect 5