什麼是 Microsoft Intune 應用程式管理?What is Microsoft Intune app management?

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
您需要傳統入口網站的 Intune 相關文件嗎?Looking for documentation about Intune in the classic portal? 請移至這裡Go here.

IT 系統管理員需負責確定您的使用者能夠存取其工作所需的應用程式。As an IT admin, you are responsible for making sure that your end users have access to the apps they need to do their work. 這可能是一項挑戰,因為︰This can be a challenge because:

  • 裝置平台及應用程式類型有千百種。There are a wide range of device platforms and app types.
  • 您可能需要同時管理公司裝置和使用者本身裝置上的應用程式。You might need to manage apps on both company devices and user's own devices.
  • 您必須確保網路和資料的安全。You must ensure your network and your data remain secure.

此外,您也可能需要指派及管理未向 Intune 註冊之裝置上的應用程式。Additionally, you might want to assign and manage apps on devices that are not enrolled with Intune.

Intune 提供各種功能,可協助您在所要的裝置上取得所需的應用程式。Intune offers a range of capabilities to help you get the apps you need on the devices you want.

各種平台的應用程式管理功能App management capabilities by platform

  AndroidAndroid iOSiOS Windows Phone 8.1Windows Phone 8.1 Windows 10Windows 10
新增應用程式並指派給裝置與使用者Add and assign apps to devices and users Yes Yes Yes Yes
指派應用程式給未向 Intune 註冊的裝置Assign apps to devices not enrolled with Intune Yes Yes No No
使用應用程式設定原則控制應用程式的啟動行為Use app configuration policies to control the startup behavior of apps No Yes No No
使用行動裝置應用程式佈建原則更新過期的應用程式Use mobile app provisioning policies to renew expired apps No Yes No No
使用應用程式保護原則保護應用程式中的公司資料Protect company data in apps with app protection policies Yes Yes No 1No1
只移除已安裝之應用程式中的公司資料 (應用程式選擇性抹除)Remove only corporate data from an installed app (App selective wipe) Yes Yes Yes Yes
監視應用程式指派Monitor app assignments Yes Yes Yes Yes
指派及追蹤從應用程式市集中大量採購的應用程式Assign and track volume-purchased apps from an app store No No No Yes
強制安裝在裝置上的應用程式 (必要)2Mandatory install of apps on devices (Required)2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
可從公司入口網站安裝在裝置上的選擇 (可用安裝)Optional installation on devices from the Company Portal (Available install) Yes Yes Yes Yes
安裝網路應用程式的捷徑 (網路美工圖案)Install shortcut to an app on the web (web clip) Yes Yes Yes Yes
內部 (企業營運) 應用程式In-house (line-of-business) apps Yes Yes No Yes
市集應用程式Apps from a store Yes Yes Yes Yes
更新應用程式Update apps Yes Yes Yes Yes

1您可以考慮使用 Windows 資訊保護來保護 Windows 10 裝置上的應用程式。1 Consider using Windows Information Protection to protect apps on devices that run Windows 10.

2僅適用於 Intune 管理的裝置。2Applies to devices managed by Intune only.

如何開始How to get started

行動應用程式工作負載中,您能存取的應用程式相關項目如下:You can find most things app-related in the Mobile Apps workload that you can access as follows:

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站。Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. 選擇 [更多服務] > [監視 + 管理] > [Intune]。Choose More Services > Monitoring + Management > Intune.
  3. 在 [Intune] 刀鋒視窗上,選擇 [行動應用程式]。On the Intune blade, choose Mobile apps.



  • 應用程式 - 您可以在這個節點新增、指派及監視您大部分的應用程式。Apps - This node is where you add, assign, and monitor most of your apps.
  • 應用程式設定原則 - 應用程式設定原則可讓您提供使用者執行應用程式時可能需要的設定。App configuration policies - App configuration policies let you supply settings that might be required when a user runs an app.
  • 應用程式保護原則 - 可讓您建立設定與應用程式之間的關聯來協助保護它所使用的公司資料。App protection policies - Lets you associate settings with an app to help protect the company data it uses. 例如,您可以限制某應用程式與其他應用程式的通訊能力,或是要求使用者輸入 PIN 碼才能存取公司應用程式。For example, you might restrict the capabilities of an app to communicate with other apps, or require the user to enter a PIN to access a company app.
  • 應用程式選擇性抹除 - 只移除所選裝置上的公司資料。App selective wipe - Remove only corporate data from a users device you select.
  • iOS 佈建設定檔 - iOS 應用程式包含佈建設定檔和由憑證所簽署的程式碼。iOS provisioning profiles - iOS apps include a provisioning profile and code that is signed by a certificate. 憑證過期之後,就無法再執行應用程式。When the certificate expires, the app can no longer be run. Intune 提供工具,讓您可主動將新的佈建設定檔原則指派至具有即將到期之應用程式的裝置。Intune gives you the tools to proactively assign a new provisioning profile policy to devices that have apps that are nearing expiry.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱管理應用程式For more details, see Manage apps.


  • 應用程式授權 - 檢視、指派及監視從應用程式市集大量採購的應用程式。App licenses - View, assign, and monitor volume-purchased apps from the app stores.
  • 探索到的應用程式 - 顯示 Intune 指派並安裝在裝置上的所有應用程式。Discovered Apps - Shows all apps that were assigned by Intune and installed on a device.
  • 應用程式安裝狀態 - 顯示您所建立之應用程式指派的狀態。App Install Status - Shows the status of an app assignment you created.
  • 應用程式保護狀態 - 顯示您選取之使用者的應用程式保護原則狀態。App protection status - Shows the status of an app protection policy for a user you select.
  • 稽核記錄檔 - 顯示所有 IT 系統管理員所進行的 Intune 應用程式相關活動。Audit logs - Shows the Intune app related activity made by all IT admins.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱監視應用程式For more details, see Monitor apps.


  • iOS VPP 權杖 - 套用並檢視您的 iOS 大量採購方案 (VPP) 授權。iOS VPP tokens - Apply and view your iOS Volume Purchase Program (VPP) licenses.
  • Windows 企業憑證 - 套用或檢視程式碼簽署憑證的狀態,此憑證可用來將企業營運應用程式發佈到您的受控 Windows 裝置。Windows enterprise certificate - Apply or view the status of a code-signing certificate used to distribute line-of-business apps to your managed Windows devices.
  • Windows Symantec 憑證 - 套用或檢視 Symantec 程式碼簽署憑證的狀態,將 XAP 和 WP8.x appx 檔案發佈至 Windows 10 行動裝置時需要此憑證。Windows Symantec certificate - Apply or view the status of a Symantec code-signing certificate which is needed to distribute XAP and WP8.x appx files to Windows 10 Mobile devices.
  • 商務用 Microsoft 網上商店 - 設定對商務用 Microsoft 網上商店的整合。Microsoft Store for Business - Set up integration to the Microsoft Store for Business. 執行此動作之後,可以將採購的應用程式同步到 Intune 並加以指派,以及追蹤授權使用狀況。Afterwards, you can synchronize purchased applications to Intune, assign them, and track your license usage.
  • Windows 側載金鑰 - 您可以新增 Windows 側載金鑰,以便用來將應用程式直接安裝到裝置,而非發行應用程式並從 Windows 市集下載。Windows side loading keys - You can add a Windows side loading key that can be used to install an app directly to devices rather than publishing and downloading the app from the Windows store.
  • 公司入口網站品牌 - 自訂公司入口網站以顯示您公司的品牌。Company Portal branding - Customize the Company Portal to give it your company branding.
  • 應用程式類別 - 新增、釘選及刪除應用程式類別名稱。App categories - Add, pin, and delete app category names.
  • Android for Work - 核准並同步處理您已經為企業核准的應用程式。Android for Work - Approve and sync the apps you have approved for your enterprise.

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