如何使用 Intune 將應用程式指派至 Android for Work 裝置How to assign apps to Android for Work devices with Intune

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
您需要傳統入口網站的 Intune 相關文件嗎?Looking for documentation about Intune in the classic portal? 請移至這裡Go here.

Android for Work 是適用於 Android 裝置的計劃。Android for Work is a program for Android devices. 您在 Android for Work 裝置上安裝的所有應用程式都是來自 Google Play for Work 商店。All apps you install on Android for Work devices come from the Google Play for Work store. 將應用程式指派至 Android for Work 裝置的方式,與您將應用程式指派至標準 Android 裝置的方式不同。You assign apps to Android for Work devices in a different way than you assign them to standard Android devices. 您可以登入商店、瀏覽所需的應用程式並核准這些應用程式。You log on to the store, browse for the apps you want, and approve them. 應用程式接著會出現在 Azure 入口網站的 [授權的應用程式] 節點中。The app then appears in the Licensed apps node of the Azure portal. 您可以在這裡管理應用程式的指派,方式與指派任何其他應用程式相同。From here, you can manage assignment of the app in the same way you would assign any other app.

此外,如果您已建立自己的企業營運 (LOB) 應用程式,則可以依照以下方式指派這些應用程式:Additionally, if you have created your own line of business (LOB) apps, you can assign them as follows:

  • 註冊一個 Google 開發人員帳戶,您就能夠在 Google Play 商店的私人區域發佈應用程式。Sign up for a Google Developer account that lets you publish apps to a private area in the Google Play store.
  • 使用 Intune 同步應用程式。Synchronize the apps with Intune.

開始之前Before you start

確定您已在 Azure 入口網站的 [裝置註冊] 工作負載中,設定 Intune 與 Android for Work 搭配使用。Make sure you have configured Intune and Android for Work to work together in the Device enrollment workload of the Azure portal.

與 Google Play for Work 商店中的應用程式同步處理Synchronize an app from the Google Play for Work store

  1. 移至 Google Play for Work 商店Go to the Google Play for Work store. 使用您用來設定 Intune 和 Android for Work 間連線的相同帳戶進行登入。Sign in with the same account you used to configure the connection between Intune and Android for Work.
  2. 搜尋市集並選取您要使用 Intune 指派的應用程式。Search the store and select the app you want to assign using Intune.
  3. 選取頁面上的 [核准] 顯示應用程式。Select Approve on the page showing the app. 下列範例示範已被選擇的 Microsoft Excel 應用程式。The following examples shows the Microsoft Excel app has been chosen.

    範例 - 在 Google Play for Work 商店中核准應用程式

    應用程式視窗隨即開啟,要求您授權讓應用程式執行各種作業。A window for the app opens asking you to give permissions for the app to perform various operations.

  4. 選取 [核准] 接受應用程式權限,並繼續作業。Select Approve to accept the app permissions and continue.

    範例 - 核准應用程式權限

  5. 選擇如何處理新的應用程式權限要求。Choose how to handle new app permission requests. 然後,選取 [儲存] 來儲存新的應用程式權限要求處理方法。Then, select Save to save how new app permission requests will be handled.

    範例 - 儲存新的應用程式權限要求

    應用程式已通過核准並顯示在您的 IT 管理主控台中。The app is approved and displays in your IT admin console. 現在,您可以使用 Intune 同步處理 Android for Work 應用程式Now, you can sync the Android for Work app with Intune.

使用 Intune 同步處理 Android for Work 應用程式Sync an Android for Work app with Intune

如果您已核准商店中的某個應用程式,但未在 [行動應用程式] 工作負載的 [授權的應用程式] 節點中看到它,請以如下方式強制立即同步:If you have approved an app from the store and don't see it in the Licensed apps node of the Mobile apps workload, force an immediate sync as follows:

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. 選擇 All services > [Intune]。Choose All services > Intune. Intune 位於 [監視 + 管理] 區段。Intune is located in the Monitoring + Management section.
  3. 在 [Intune] 窗格中,選擇 [行動應用程式]。On the Intune pane, choose Mobile apps.
  4. 在 [行動應用程式] 工作負載中,選擇 [安裝] 區段的 [Android for Work]。In the Mobile apps workload, choose Android for Work in the Setup section.
  5. 在 [Android for Work] 窗格中選擇 [同步處理]。此頁面會更新上一次同步的時間和狀態。On the Android for Work pane, choose Sync. The page will update the time and status of the last sync.
  6. 在 [行動應用程式] 工作負載中,選取 [應用程式] 顯示新近可用的 Android for Work 應用程式。In the Mobile apps workload, select Apps to display the newly available Android for Work app.

當此應用程式顯示在 [行動應用程式] 工作負載的 App licenses 節點時,您就可以像是指派任何其他應用程式一樣來指派它When the app is displayed in the App licenses node of the Mobile apps workload, you can assign it just like you would assign any other app. 您只能將應用程式指派給使用者的群組。You can assign the app to groups of users only.

在您指派應用程式之後,它將會安裝在您的目標裝置上,After you assign the app, it will be installed on the devices you targeted. 而不會要求裝置的使用者核准安裝。The user of the device is not asked to approve the installation.

管理 Android for Work 應用程式權限Manage Android for Work app permissions

Android for Work 會要求您在 Google 受管理的 Play Web 主控台核准應用程式,然後才能將應用程式同步到 Intune 並指派給使用者。Android for Work requires you approve apps in Google's managed Play web console before syncing them to Intune and assigning them to your users. 因為 Android for Work 可讓您以無訊息模式且自動地將這些應用程式推送到使用者的裝置,您必須代表您所有的使用者接受應用程式的權限。Because Android for Work allows you to silently and automatically push these apps to users' devices, you must accept the app's permissions on behalf of all your users. 使用者在安裝時不會看到任何應用程式權限,因此請務必閱讀並了解這些權限。End users do not see any app permissions when they install, so it's important that you read and understand these permissions.

當應用程式開發人員發行含有已更新權限的新版本應用程式時,即使您已核准先前的權限,也不會自動核准那些權限。When an app developer publishes a new version of the app with updated permissions, those permissions are not automatically accepted, even if you've approved the previous permissions. 執行舊版本應用程式的裝置仍可以繼續使用該應用程式。Devices that run the old version of the app can still use it. 但是,在核准新的權限之前,不會升級應用程式。However, the app is not upgraded until the new permissions are approved. 在您核准應用程式的新權限之前,未安裝該應用程式的裝置不會安裝應用程式。Devices without the app installed do not install the app until you approve the app's new permissions.

如何更新應用程式權限How to update app permissions

請定期造訪受管理的 Google Play 主控台來檢查新的權限。Periodically visit the managed Google Play console to check for new permissions. 您可以設定 Google Play 在需要新權限以使用核准的應用程式時,寄送電子郵件給您或其他使用者。You can configure Google Play to send you or others an e-mail when new permissions are required for an approved app. 如果您指派了應用程式,並發現它並未安裝在裝置上,請依下列步驟檢查是否有新的權限:If you assign an app and observe it isn't installed on devices, check for new permissions with the following steps:

  1. 造訪 http://play.google.com/workVisit http://play.google.com/work
  2. 使用您用來發行及核准應用程式的 Google 帳戶登入。Sign in with the Google account you used to publish and approve the apps.
  3. 瀏覽 [更新] 索引標籤以查看是否有任何應用程式需要更新。Visit the Updates tab to see if any apps require an update. 任何列出的應用程式都需要新的權限,而且在套用新權限之前將不會指派。Any listed apps require new permissions and are not assigned until they are applied.

或者,您可以設定 Google Play,以每個應用程式為基礎,自動核准應用程式權限。Alternatively, you can configure Google Play to automatically reapprove app permissions on a per app basis.

使用 Google Play for Work 商店的企業營運應用程式Working with a line-of-business app from the Google Play for Work store

  1. 移至 Google Play Developer Console (play.google.com/apps/publish)。Go to the Google Play Developer Console, play.google.com/apps/publish.
  2. 使用您用來設定 Intune 和 Android for Work 間連線的相同帳戶進行登入。Sign in with the same account you used to configure the connection between Intune and Android for Work. 如果您是第一次登入,您必須註冊並支付費用,才能成為 Google 開發人員計劃的會員。If you are signing in for the first time, you must register, and pay a fee to become a member of the Google Developer program.
  3. 在主控台中,選擇 「Add new application」 (加入新的應用程式)。In the console, choose Add new application.
  4. 您可以透過用來將任何應用程式發行至 Google Play 商店的相同方式,來上傳及提供應用程式的相關資訊。You upload and provide information about your app in the same way as you publish any app to the Google Play store. 不過,您必須選取 [只讓我的組織 (<組織名稱>) 使用此應用程式] 設定:However, you must select the setting Only make this application available to my organization (<organization name>):


此作業可確保只有您的組織可以使用此應用程式,而不會在公用 Google Play 商店中提供。This operation ensures that the app is only available to your organization, and is not available in the public Google Play store. 如需如何上傳及發行 Android 應用程式的詳細資訊,請參閱 Google Developer Console HelpFor more information about how to upload and publish Android apps, see the Google Developer Console Help.

  1. 在您發行應用程式之後,移至 Google Play for Work 商店Once you have published your app, go to the Google Play for Work store. 使用您用來設定 Intune 和 Android for Work 間連線的相同帳戶進行登入。Sign in with the same account you used to configure the connection between Intune and Android for Work.
  2. 在商店的 [應用程式] 節點中,確認您可以看見已發行的應用程式。In the Apps node of the store, verify you can see the app you have published. 應用程式會自動通過核准,以與 Intune 同步處理。The app is automatically approved to be synchronized with Intune.

接下來的步驟Next steps