識別公司所擁有的裝置Identify devices as corporate-owned

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
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身為 Intune 系統管理員,您可以識別公司擁有的裝置,以縮小管理及識別的範圍。As an Intune admin, you can identify devices as corporate-owned to refine management and identification. Intune 可執行其他管理工作,以及從公司擁有的裝置收集其他資訊,像是完整電話號碼和應用程式的清查。Intune can perform additional management tasks and collect additional information such as the full phone number and an inventory of apps from corporate-owned devices. 您也可以設定裝置限制,以禁止非公司擁有的裝置進行註冊。You can also set device restrictions to block enrollment by devices that aren't corporate-owned.

在註冊時,Intune 會自動將公司擁有的狀態指派給符合下列條件的裝置:At the time of enrollment, Intune automatically assigns corporate-owned status to devices that are:

在註冊後,擁有權設定可以變更個人公司After enrollment, you can change the ownership setting between Personal and Corporate.

使用 IMEI 或序號識別公司擁有的裝置Identify corporate-owned devices with IMEI or serial number

身為 Intune 管理員,您可以建立和匯入逗點分隔值 (.csv) 檔案,其會列出 IMEI 編號或序號。As an Intune admin, you can create and import a comma-separated value (.csv) file that lists IMEI numbers or serial numbers. 在裝置註冊期間,Intune 會使用這些識別碼,將裝置擁有權指定為公司所擁有。Intune uses these identifiers to specify device ownership as corporate during device enrollment. 您可以為所有支援的平台宣告 IMEI 編號。You can declare IMEI numbers for all supported platforms. 您只能宣告適用於 iOS、macOS 和 Android 裝置的序號。You can only declare serial number for iOS, macOS, and Android devices. 基於管理目的,每個 IMEI 或序號均可含有清單中指定的詳細資料。Each IMEI or serial number can have details specified in the list for administrative purposes.

了解如何尋找 Apple 裝置序號Learn how to find an Apple device serial number.
了解如何尋找您的 Android 裝置序號Learn how to find your Android device serial number.

新增公司識別碼Add corporate identifiers

建立此清單時,請建立內含兩個資料行,但不含標題的逗點分隔值 (.csv) 清單。To create the list, create a two-column, comma-separated value (.csv) list without a header. 在左資料行中新增 IMEI 或序號,然後在右資料行中新增詳細資料。Add the IMEI or serial numbers in the left column, and the details in the right column. 單一 .csv 檔案只能匯入某一類型的識別碼、IMEI 或序號。Only one type of ID, IMEI or serial number, can be imported in a single .csv file. 詳細資料限制為 128 個字元,且僅能供系統管理使用。Details are limited to 128 characters and are for administrative use only. 詳細資料不會顯示在裝置上。Details aren't displayed on the device. 目前限制是每個 .csv 檔案 5,000 列。The current limit is 5,000 rows per .csv file.

上傳內含序號的 .csv 檔案 - 建立只有兩個資料行而沒有標題的逗點分隔值 (.csv) 清單,並限制清單只可包含 5000 部裝置,或每個.csv 檔案不得超過 5 MB。Upload a .csv file that has serial numbers – Create a two-column, comma-separated value (.csv) list without a header, and limit the list to 5,000 devices or 5 MB per .csv file.

<識別碼 #1><ID #1> <裝置 #1 詳細資料><Device #1 Details>
<識別碼 #2><ID #2> <裝置 #2 詳細資料><Device #2 Details>

在文字編輯器中檢視此 .csv 檔案時,其外觀大致如下:This .csv file when viewed in a text editor appears as:

01234567890123,device details
02234567890123,device details


某些 Android 裝置有多個 IMEI 編號。Some Android devices have multiple IMEI numbers. Intune 根據每個已註冊的裝置,只會讀取一個 IMEI 編號。Intune only reads one IMEI number per enrolled device. 若您匯入的 IMEI 編號並非由 Intune 所清查,裝置將會分類為個人裝置而非公司擁有的裝置。If you import an IMEI number but it is not the IMEI inventoried by Intune, the device is classified as a personal device instead of a company-owned device. 若某部裝置有多個 IMEI 編號匯入,未清查編號的註冊狀態將會顯示未知If you import multiple IMEI numbers for a device, uninventoried numbers display Unknown for enrollment status.
另請注意:Android 序號可能重複,或是不存在。Also note: Android Serial numbers are not guaranteed to be unique or present. 請洽詢裝置供應商,以了解序號是否為可靠的裝置識別碼。Check with your device supplier to understand if serial number is a reliable device ID. 裝置回報給 Intune 的序號,可能與裝置上 Android [設定/關於] 功能表中顯示的識別碼不符。Serial numbers reported by the device to Intune might not match the displayed ID in the Android Settings/About menus on the device. 請驗證裝置製造商所回報的序號類型。Verify the type of serial number reported by the device manufacturer.

新增公司識別碼的 .csv 清單Add a .csv list of corporate identifiers

  1. 在 Azure 入口網站的 Intune 中,選擇 [裝置註冊] > [公司裝置識別碼],然後按一下 [新增]。In Intune in the Azure portal, choose Device enrollment > Corporate Device Identifiers, and then click Add.

    反白顯示 [新增] 按鈕的公司裝置識別碼工作區螢幕擷取畫面。

  2. 在 [新增識別碼] 刀鋒視窗中,指定識別碼類型:[IMEI] 或 [序號]。In the Add Identifiers blade, specify the identifier type: IMEI or Serial. 您可以指定先前匯入的數字是否應該「覆寫現有識別碼的詳細資料」。You can specify whether previously imported numbers should Overwrite details for existing identifiers.

  3. 按一下資料夾圖示並指定要匯入之清單的路徑。Click the folder icon and specify the path to the list you want to import. 巡覽至 .csv 檔案,然後選取 [新增]。Navigate to the .csv file, and select Add. 您可以按一下 [重新整理] 來查看新的裝置識別碼。You can click Refresh to see new device identifiers.

匯入的裝置不一定經過註冊。Imported devices are not necessarily enrolled. 裝置的狀態可能為 [已註冊] 或 [未連線]。Devices can have a state of either Enrolled or Not contacted. 「未連線」表示裝置從未與 Intune 服務通訊。Not contacted means that the device has never communicated in with the Intune service.

刪除公司識別碼Delete corporate identifiers

  1. 在 Azure 入口網站的 Intune 中,選擇 [裝置註冊] > [公司裝置識別碼]。In Intune in the Azure portal, choose Device enrollment > Corporate Device Identifiers.
  2. 選取您想要刪除的裝置識別碼,然後選擇 [刪除]。Select the device identifiers you want to delete, and choose Delete.
  3. 確認刪除。Confirm the deletion.

刪除已註冊裝置的公司識別碼並不會變更裝置的擁有權。Deleting a corporate identifier for an enrolled device does not change the device's ownership. 若要變更裝置的擁有權,請移至 [裝置] > [所有裝置],並選取裝置,然後選擇 [屬性],並變更 [裝置擁有權]。To change a device's ownership, go Devices > All devices, select the device, choose Properties, and change Device ownership.

IMEI 規格IMEI specifications

如需國際行動設備識別碼的詳細規格,請參閱 3GGPP TS 23.003 (英文)For detailed specifications about International Mobile Equipment Identifiers, see 3GGPP TS 23.003.

變更裝置擁有權Change device ownership

裝置內容會顯示 Intune 中每筆裝置記錄的 [擁有權]。Devices properties display Ownership for each device records in Intune. 身為系統管理員,您可以將裝置指定為 [個人] 或 [公司]。As an admin, you can specify devices as Personal or Corporate.

變更裝置擁有權:To change device ownership:

  1. 在 Azure 入口網站的 Intune 中,移至 [裝置] > [所有裝置],然後選擇裝置。In Intune in the Azure portal, go Devices > All devices, and choose the device.
  2. 選擇 [內容]。Choose Properties.
  3. 將 [裝置擁有權] 指定為 [個人] 或 [公司]。Specify Device ownership as Personal or Corporate.