Android 裝置的自訂設定 - IntuneCustom settings for Android devices - Intune

自訂設定檔會使用開放行動聯盟的統一資源識別項 (OMA URI) 設定來進行 Android 裝置上的各種功能設定。Custom profiles use Open Mobile Alliance Uniform Resource Identifier (OMA-URI) settings to configure different features on Android devices. 行動裝置製造商通常會使用這些設定來控制裝置上的功能。These settings are typically used by mobile device manufacturers to control features on the device.

使用自訂設定檔,您便可以設定及指派下列 Android 設定。Using a custom profile, you can configure and assign the following Android settings. Intune 原則並未內建這些設定:These settings aren't built in to the Intune policies:


這種設定檔類型只能進行列出的設定。Only the settings listed can be configured by this profile type. Android 裝置不會公開您可設定的完整 OMA-URI 設定清單。Android devices don't expose a complete list of OMA-URI settings you can configure. 如果您希望能夠使用更多設定,請在 Intune Uservoice 網站 (Intune Uservoice 網站) 票選更多設定。If you'd like to see more settings, then vote for more settings at the Intune Uservoice site.

Android 裝置的自訂設定檔設定Custom profile settings for Android devices

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. 選取 [所有服務],篩選 [Intune],然後選取 [Microsoft Intune]。Select All Services, filter on Intune, and select Microsoft Intune.

  3. 使用 Android 平台建立自訂設定檔。Create a custom profile using the Android platform. 在 Microsoft Intune 中設定自訂裝置設定列出了步驟。Configure custom device settings in Microsoft Intune lists the steps.

  4. 在 [自訂 OMA-URI 設定]中,選取 [新增],然後選取 [新增資料列]。In Custom OMA-URI Settings, select Add, and then select Add Row.

  5. 輸入下列內容:Enter the following properties:

    • 名稱 - 為 OMA-URI 設定輸入唯一名稱,使其易於找到。Name - Enter a unique name for the OMA-URI setting so you can easily find it.
    • 描述 - 輸入描述來概述設定和其他重要的詳細資料。Description - Enter a description that gives an overview of the setting, and any other important details.
    • 資料類型 - 輸入您要用於這個 OMA-URI 設定的資料類型。Data type - Enter the data type you use for this OMA-URI setting. 選擇 [字串]、[字串 (XML)]、[日期和時間]、[整數]、[浮點數] 或 [布林值]。Choose from String, String (XML), Date and time, Integer, Floating point, or Boolean.
    • OMA-URI - 輸入您想要的 OMA-URI。OMA-URI - Enter the OMA-URI you want.
    • - 輸入要與您所輸入之 OMA-URI 相關聯的值。Value - Enter the value you want to associate with the OMA-URI you entered.
  6. 按一下 [確定] 以儲存您的變更。Select OK to save your changes. 視需要繼續新增更多設定。Continue to add more settings as needed.

接下來的步驟Next steps

當您完成設定時,設定檔會隨即建立,並出現在清單上。When you complete the settings, the profile is created, and appears in the list. 若要將此設定檔指派給群組,請參閱如何指派裝置設定檔To assign this profile to groups, see How to assign device profiles.