Microsoft Intune 中 macOS 裝置的自訂設定Custom settings for macOS devices in Microsoft Intune

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
您需要傳統入口網站的 Intune 相關文件嗎?Looking for documentation about Intune in the classic portal? 請移至這裡Go here.

使用 Microsoft Intune macOS 自訂設定檔,將使用 Apple Configurator 工具所建立的設定指派給 macOS 裝置。Use the Microsoft Intune macOS custom profile to assign settings that you created by using the Apple Configurator tool to macOS devices. 此工具讓您能夠建立許多設定來控制這些裝置的操作,並將它們匯出到組態設定檔。This tool lets you create many settings that control the operation of these devices and export them to a configuration profile. 接著可將此組態設定檔匯入 Intune macOS 自訂設定檔,並將設定指派到組織中的使用者與裝置。You can then import this configuration profile into an Intune macOS custom profile and assign the settings to users and devices in your organization.

此功能可讓您指派無法以其他 Intune 設定檔類型設定的 macOS 設定。This capability allows you to assign macOS settings that are not configurable with other Intune profile types.

  1. 請使用如何在 Microsoft Intune 中設定自訂裝置設定中的指示,即可開始使用。Use the instructions in How to configure custom device settings in Microsoft Intune to get started.
  2. 在 [建立設定檔] 刀鋒視窗中,指定下列各項︰On the Create Profile blade, specify the following:
  • 自訂組態設定檔名稱 - 提供原則的名稱,其會顯示在裝置以及 Intune 狀態中。Custom configuration profile name - Provide a name for the policy as it will be displayed on the device, and in Intune status.
  • 組態設定檔 - 瀏覽至使用 Apple Configurator 所建立的組態設定檔。Configuration profile file - Browse to the configuration profile that you created by using the Apple Configurator. 針對您所指派 macOS 自訂原則之裝置上的 macOS 版本,確認從 Apple Configurator 工具匯出的設定與其相容。Ensure that the settings you export from the Apple Configurator tool are compatible with the version of macOS on the devices to which you assign the macOS custom policy. 如需如何解決不相容設定的相關資訊,請在 Apple Developer 網站上搜尋 組態設定檔參考行動裝置管理通訊協定參考For information about how incompatible settings are resolved, search for Configuration Profile Reference and Mobile Device Management Protocol Reference on the Apple Developer website.

您匯入的檔案將會顯示在刀鋒視窗的 [檔案內容] 區域中。The file you imported will be displayed in the File contents area of the blade.