Microsoft Intune 中 Windows 10 團隊版裝置限制設定Windows 10 Team device restriction settings in Microsoft Intune

適用於︰Azure 上的 IntuneApplies to: Intune on Azure
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應用程式及體驗Apps and experience

  • 有人在房間時喚醒螢幕 - 可在裝置感應器偵測到室內有人時自動喚醒裝置。Wake screen when someone in room - Allows the device to wake automatically when its sensor detects someone in the room.
  • 歡迎使用畫面上所顯示的會議資訊 - 啟用此選項可選擇顯示在 [歡迎使用] 畫面之 [會議]磚上的資訊。Meeting information displayed on welcome screen - Enable this option to choose the information that is displayed on the Meetings tile of the Welcome screen. 您可以:You can:
    • 僅顯示召集人和時間Show organizer and time only
    • 顯示召集人、時間和主旨 (不會顯示私人會議的主旨)Show organizer, time, and subject (subject hidden for private meetings)
  • 歡迎使用畫面背景影像 URL -啟用此設定以在 Windows 10 團隊版裝置的 [歡迎] 畫面顯示來自指定 URL 的自訂背景。Welcome screen background image URL - Enable this setting to display a custom background on the Welcome screen of Windows 10 Team devices from the URL you specify.
    影像必須是 PNG 格式,而且 URL 的開頭必須是 https://The image must be in PNG format and the URL must begin with https://.

Azure Operational InsightsAzure operational insights

  • Azure Operational Insights - Azure Operational Insights 這個 Microsoft Operations Manager 套件組件會收集、儲存及分析來自 Windows 10 團隊版的記錄檔資料。Azure Operational Insights - Azure Operational Insights, part of the Microsoft Operations Manager suite collects, stores, and analyzes log file data from Windows 10 Team devices. 若要連線到 Azure Operational Insights,您必須指定 [工作區識別碼] 和 [工作區金鑰]。To connect to Azure Operational insights, you must specify a Workspace ID and a Workspace Key.


  • 更新的維護期間 - 設定可以進行裝置更新的範圍。Maintenance window for updates - Configures the window when updates can take place to the device. 您可以設定間隔的 [開始時間] 和 持續時間 (小時)You can configure the Start time of the window and the Duration in hours (from 1-5 hours).

無線投影Wireless projection

  • 無線投影的 PIN - 指定您是否必須輸入 PIN,才可使用該裝置的無線投影功能。PIN for wireless projection - Specifies whether you must enter a PIN before you can use the wireless projection capabilities of the device.
  • Miracast 無線投影 - 如果您想要讓 Windows 10 團隊版裝置使用支援 Miracast 的裝置來投影,請選取此選項。Miracast wireless projection - If you want to let the Windows 10 Team device use Miracast enabled devices to project, select this option.
  • Miracast 無線投影通道 - 選擇用來建立連線的 Miracast 通道。Miracast wireless projection channel - Choose the Miracast channel that will be used to establish the connection.

後續步驟Next steps

使用如何設定裝置限制設定中的資訊進行儲存,並將設定檔指派給使用者和裝置。Use the information in How to configure device restriction settings to save, and assign the profile to users and devices.

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