Microsoft Intune 中的 Windows Phone 8.1 裝置限制設定Windows Phone 8.1 device restriction settings in Microsoft Intune

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
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  • 相機 - 啟用或封鎖裝置的相機。Camera - Enables or blocks the device's camera.
  • 複製並貼上 - 可以在裝置上使用複製及貼上功能。Copy and paste - Enables or blocks copy and paste functionality on devices.
  • 抽取式存放裝置 - 允許裝置使用如 SD 記憶卡等抽取式存放裝置。Removable storage - Lets the device use removable storage such as SD cards.
  • 地理位置 - 讓裝置可利用位置資訊。Geolocation - Enables the device to utilize location information.
  • Microsoft 帳戶 - 啟用或封鎖使用者將 Microsoft 帳戶連結到裝置。Microsoft account - Enable or block the user from linking a Microsoft account to the device.
  • 螢幕擷取 - 讓使用者可將螢幕的內容擷取為影像檔案。Screen capture - Lets the user capture the contents of the screen as an image file.
  • 診斷資料提交 - 讓裝置可將診斷資訊提交到 Microsoft。Diagnostic data submission - Enables the device to submit diagnostic information to Microsoft.
  • 自訂電子郵件帳戶同步 - 讓裝置可連線到非 Microsoft 的電子郵件帳戶。Custom email accounts sync - Enables the device to connect to non-Microsoft email accounts.


  • 密碼 - 需要使用者輸入密碼才可存取該裝置。Password - Require the end user to enter a password to access the device.
    • 必要的密碼類型 - 指定必要密碼的類型,例如只可是英數字元或數字等等。Required password type - Specifies the type of password that will be required, such as alphanumeric or numeric only.
    • 密碼長度下限 - 指定密碼所需的字元數下限。Minimum password length - Specifies the minimum number of characters that are required in the password.
    • 簡單密碼 - 指定是否能使用 ’0000’ 和 ‘1234’ 等簡單密碼。Simple passwords - Specifies that simple passwords such as ‘0000’ and ‘1234’ can be used.
    • 登入失敗幾次後即抹除裝置 - 指定抹除裝置前可輸入錯誤密碼的次數。Number of sign-in failures before wiping device - Specifies the number of times an incorrect password can be entered before the device is wiped.
    • 沒有活動最久幾分鐘後鎖定螢幕 - 指定裝置必須處於閒置狀態多久的時間,才會自動鎖住螢幕。Maximum minutes of inactivity until screen locks - Specifies the amount of time a device must remain idle before the screen is automatically locked.
    • 密碼到期 (天數) - 指定多少天後必須變更裝置密碼。Password expiration (days) - Specifies the number of days before the device password must be changed.
    • 避免重複使用以前用過的密碼 - 指定可以記住多少個先前使用過的密碼。Prevent reuse of previous passwords - Specifies how many previously used passwords are remembered.
  • 加密 - 需要加密受支援行動裝置上的資料。Encryption - Requires that the data on supported mobile devices be encrypted.

App StoreApp Store

  • App Store - 讓使用者可從裝置連接到 App Store。App store - Lets users connect to the app store from the device.

受限應用程式Restricted apps

您可以在受限制應用程式清單中,設定下列清單之一︰In the restricted apps list, you can configure one of the following lists:

封鎖的應用程式清單 - 列出不允許使用者安裝與執行的應用程式 (並非由 Intune 管理)。A Blocked apps list - List the apps (not managed by Intune) that users are not allowed to install and run. 允許的應用程式清單 - 列出允許使用者安裝的應用程式。An Allowed apps list - List the apps that users are allowed to install. 自動允許 Intune 所管理的應用程式。Apps that are managed by Intune are automatically allowed.

若要設定清單,請按一下 [新增],然後在應用程式市集中,指定您所選的名稱 (也可指定選用的應用程式發行者) 以及應用程式的 URL。To configure the list, click Add, then specify a name of your choice, optionally the app publisher, and the URL to the app in the app store.

如何在市集中指定應用程式的 URLHow to specify the URL to an app in the store

若要在允許和封鎖的應用程式清單中指定應用程式 URL,請使用下列格式:To specify an app URL in the allowed and blocked apps list, use the following format:

[Windows Phone 市集] 頁面中,搜尋您想要使用的應用程式。From the Windows Phone Store page, search for the app that you want to use.

開啟應用程式的頁面,然後將 URL 複製到剪貼簿。Open the app’s page, and copy the URL to the clipboard. 您現在可以在允許或封鎖的應用程式清單中使用這個 URL。You can now use this as the URL in either the allowed or blocked apps list.

範例:在市集中搜尋 Skype 應用程式。Example: Search the store for the Skype app. 您要使用的 URL 是 URL you use will be

其他選項Additional options

您也可以按一下 [匯入]填入格式如一下的 csv 檔案清單:<應用程式 URL>,<應用程式名稱>,<應用程式發行者>,或按一下 [匯出],建立 csv 檔案,其中包含格式相同的受限應用程式清單內容。You can also click Import to populate the list from a csv file in the format <app url>, <app name>, <app publisher> or click Export to create a csv file containing the contents of the restricted apps list in the same format.


  • 網頁瀏覽器 - 啟用或封鎖裝置的內建網頁瀏覽器。Web browser - Enables or blocks the built-in web browser on devices.

行動數據與連線Cellular and Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi - 啟用或停用裝置的 Wi-Fi 功能。Wi-Fi - Enables or disables the Wi-Fi functionality of the device.
  • Wi-Fi 網際網路共用功能 - 可以使用裝置的 Wi-Fi 網際網路共用功能。Wi-Fi tethering - Enables the use of Wi-Fi tethering on the device.
  • 自動連線至 Wi-Fi 熱點 - 讓裝置可自動連線到免費 Wi-Fi 熱點,並自動接受任何使用條款。Automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots - Enables the device to automatically connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots and automatically accept any terms of use.
  • Wi-Fi 熱點報表 - 傳送 Wi-Fi 連線的相關資訊,以協助使用者找出附近的連線。Wi-Fi hotspot reporting - Sends information about Wi-Fi connections to help the user discover nearby connections.
  • NFC - 在支援近距離無線通訊之裝置上,啟用或停用使用近距離無線通訊的作業。NFC - Enables or disables operations that use near field communication on devices that support it.
  • 藍牙 - 啟用或停用裝置的藍牙功能。Bluetooth - Enables or disables the Bluetooth functionality of the device.