如何在 Microsoft Intune 中設定電子郵件設定How to configure email settings in Microsoft Intune

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
您需要傳統入口網站的 Intune 相關文件嗎?Looking for documentation about Intune in the classic portal? 請移至這裡Go here.

電子郵件設定檔可以用來為您管理的裝置設定連線所需的設定,並與公司電子郵件同步。Email profiles can be used to configure devices you manage with the settings necessary to connect to and synchronize with company email. 如此有助於確保所有裝置之間皆有標準的設定,且有助於減少不知道正確的電子郵件設定的使用者,致電支援電話。This can help ensure that settings are standard across all of your devices, and also help to reduce support calls from end users who do not know the correct email settings.

內建的郵件用戶端支援大部分的平台。The built-in mail client is supported for most platforms. 目前不支援大部分的協力廠商電子郵件應用程式。Most third-party email apps are not currently supported.

您可以使用電子郵件設定檔,在下列裝置類型上設定原生電子郵件用戶端:You can use email profiles to configure the native email client on the following device types:

  • Android Samsung Knox Standard 4.0 及更新版本Android Samsung Knox Standard 4.0 and later
  • Android for WorkAndroid for Work
  • iOS 8.0 和更新版本iOS 8.0 and later
  • Windows Phone 8.1 和更新版本Windows Phone 8.1 and later
  • Windows 10 桌面版與 Windows 10 行動裝置版Windows 10 (desktop) and Windows 10 Mobile

使用本文中的資訊,可深入了解設定電子郵件設定檔的相關基本概念,然後可深入閱讀每個平台的主題,以了解裝置專屬內容。Use the information in this article to learn the basics about configuring an email profile, and then read further topics for each platform to learn about device specifics.

建立內含電子郵件設定的裝置設定檔Create a device profile containing email settings

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. 選擇 All services > [Intune]。Choose All services > Intune. Intune 位於 [監視 + 管理] 區段。Intune is located in the Monitoring + Management section.
  3. 在 [Intune] 窗格中,選擇 [裝置設定]。On the Intune pane, choose Device configuration.
  4. 在 [裝置設定] 窗格的 [管理] 區段下,選擇 [設定檔]。On the Device configuration pane under the Manage section, choose Profiles.
  5. 在 [設定檔] 窗格中,選擇 [建立設定檔]。On the profiles pane, choose Create profile.
  6. 在 [建立設定檔] 窗格中,為電子郵件設定檔輸入 [名稱] 及 [描述]。On the Create profile pane, enter a Name and Description for the email profile.
  7. 從 [平台] 下拉式清單中,選取要套用電子郵件設定的裝置平台。From the Platform drop-down list, select the device platform to which you want to apply email settings. 您目前可為電子郵件裝置設定選擇下列平台之一︰Currently, you can choose one of the following platforms for email device settings:
    • Android (僅限 Samsung Android Knox Standard)Android (Samsung Android Knox Standard only)
    • Android for WorkAndroid for Work
    • iOSiOS
    • macOSmacOS
    • Windows Phone 8.1Windows Phone 8.1
    • Windows 8.1 及更新版本Windows 8.1 and later
    • Windows 10 及更新版本Windows 10 and later
  8. 從 [設定檔類型] 下拉式清單中,選擇 [電子郵件]。From the Profile type drop-down list, choose Email.
  9. 您可設定的設定會視您選擇的平台而不同。Depending on the platform you chose, the settings you can configure are different. 前往下列主題之一,即可取得每個平台的詳細設定︰Go to one of the following topics for detailed settings for each platform:
  10. 當您完成時,請返回 [建立設定檔] 窗格,然後點擊 [建立]。When you're done, go back to the Create profile pane, and hit Create.

隨即會建立設定檔,並會出現在 [設定檔清單] 窗格上。The profile will be created and appears on the profiles list pane. 若想繼續,並將此設定檔指派給群組,請參閱如何指派裝置設定檔If you want to go ahead and assign this profile to groups, see How to assign device profiles.

進一步資訊Further information

移除電子郵件設定檔Remove an email profile

若想要從裝置移除電子郵件設定檔,請編輯指派,然後再移除裝置所屬的任一群組。If you want to remove an email profile from a device, edit the assignment and remove any groups of which the device is a member. 如果電子郵件設定檔是裝置上唯一的電子郵件設定檔,則無法以此方式移除。You cannot remove an email profile in this way if it is the only email profile on a device.

保護電子郵件存取Securing email access

您可以使用下列兩種方法之一來保護電子郵件設定檔︰You can help secure email profiles using one of two methods:

  1. 憑證 - 當您建立電子郵件設定檔時,請選擇先前在 Intune 中建立的憑證設定檔。Certificates - When you create the email profile, you choose a certificate profile that you have previously created in Intune. 這稱為識別憑證,用來針對允許使用者裝置連線的受信任憑證設定檔 (或根憑證) 進行驗證。This is known as the identity certificate, and is used to authenticate against a trusted certificate profile (or a root certificate) to establish that the user’s device is allowed to connect. 受信任的憑證會指派到可驗證電子郵件連線的電腦 (一般是原生郵件伺服器)。The trusted certificate is assigned to the computer that authenticates the email connection, typically, the native mail server. 如需如何在 Intune 中建立及使用憑證設定檔的詳細資訊,請參閱 How to configure certificates with (如何利用 Intune 設定憑證)。For more information about how to create and use certificate profiles in Intune, see How to configure certificates with Intune.
  2. 使用者名稱與密碼 - 使用者藉由提供使用者名稱和密碼,向原生郵件伺服器進行驗證。User name and password - The user authenticates to the native mail server by providing their user name and password. 密碼不會包含在電子郵件設定檔中,因此使用者需要在連線至電子郵件時提供。The password is not contained in the email profile, so the user needs to supply this when they connect to email.

Intune 如何處理現有電子郵件帳戶How Intune handles existing email accounts

如果使用者已設定了電子郵件帳戶,則 Intune 電子郵件設定檔指派的結果會取決於裝置平台︰If the user has already configured an email account, the result of the Intune email profile assignment depends on the device platform:

  • iOS:依據主機名稱和電子郵件地址,偵測到重複的現有電子郵件設定檔。iOS: An existing, duplicate email profile is detected based on host name and email address. 重複的電子郵件設定檔會封鎖 Intune 設定檔的指派。The duplicate email profile blocks the assignment of an Intune profile. 在此情況下,公司入口網站會通知使用者他們並不符合規範,且會提示使用者要手動移除設定的設定檔。In this case, the Company Portal informs the user that they are not compliant and prompts the user to remove the manually configured profile. 為避免此問題,請指示使用者先進行註冊,再安裝電子郵件設定檔,允許 Intune 設定該設定檔。To help prevent this problem, instruct your users to enroll before installing an email profile, which allows Intune to set up the profile.
  • Windows:依據主機名稱和電子郵件地址,偵測到重複的現有電子郵件設定檔。Windows: An existing, duplicate email profile is detected based on host name and email address. Intune 會覆寫使用者建立的現有電子郵件設定檔。Intune overwrites the existing email profile created by the user.
  • Android Samsung Knox Standard 依據電子郵件地址,偵測到重複的現有電子郵件設定檔,而且會使用 Intune 設定檔覆寫它。Android Samsung Knox Standard An existing, duplicate email profile is detected based on the email address, and overwrites it with the Intune profile. 因為 Android 不會使用主機名稱來識別設定檔,所以建議您不要建立多個電子郵件設定檔在不同主機上的使用相同的電子郵件地址,以避免彼此覆寫。Since Android does not use host name to identify the profile, we recommend that you not create multiple email profiles to use on the same email address on different hosts, as these overwrite each other.
  • Android for Work Intune 提供兩個 Android for Work 電子郵件設定檔,分別用於 Gmail 和 Nine Work 電子郵件應用程式。Android for Work Intune provides two Android for Work email profiles, one for each of the Gmail and Nine Work email apps. 這些應用程式都是在 Google Play 商店取得,並且安裝在裝置工作設定檔中,因此不會產生重複的設定檔。These apps are available in the Google Play Store, and install in the device work profile, so they can't result in duplicate profiles. 兩個應用程式都支援連線到 Exchange。Both apps support connections to Exchange. 若要啟用電子郵件連線功能,請將其中一個電子郵件應用程式部署到使用者的裝置後,再建立及部署適當的電子郵件設定檔。To enable the email connectivity, deploy one of these email apps to your users' devices, and then create and deploy the appropriate email profile. Nine Work 之類的電子郵件應用程式可能不是免費的。Email apps such as Nine Work might not be free. 請檢閱應用程式的授權詳細資料,如有任何問題,請連絡應用程式公司。Review the app’s licensing details or contact the app company with any questions.

更新電子郵件設定檔Update an email profile

如果您變更之前指派的電子郵件設定檔,使用者可能會看到要求核准其電子郵件設定重新設定的訊息。If you make changes to an email profile you previously assigned, end users might see a message asking them to approve the reconfiguration of their email settings.