Windows 使用者如何取得其應用程式How your Windows users get their apps

使用這項資訊,了解您的使用者取得您透過 Microsoft Intune 散發之應用程式的方式和位置。Use this information to understand how and where your users get the apps that you distribute through Microsoft Intune.

必要的應用程式 - 依據不同的平台,系統管理員所需且安裝在最少使用者介入的裝置上。Required apps are required by the administrator and that are installed on the device with minimal user involvement, depending on the platform.

可用的應用程式 - 公司入口網站應用程式清單中所提供且使用者可能選擇要安裝。Available apps are provided in the Company Portal app list and that a user might choose to install.

受管理的應用程式可透過原則進行進行管理,以及已由 Intune「包裝」或已透過 Intune App 軟體開發套件 (SDK) 建置的應用程式。Managed apps can be managed through policies and that have been "wrapped" by Intune or have been built with the Intune App Software Development Kit (SDK). 這些應用程式可由 Intune 管理,並套用應用程式保護原則。These apps can be managed by Intune, and app protection policies can be applied to them.

未受管理的應用程式 - 可透過原則進行管理,以及未受 Intune 包裝或不包含 Intune App SDK。Unmanaged apps can be managed through policies and that have not been wrapped by Intune or that do not incorporate the Intune App SDK. 應用程式保護原則不適用於這些應用程式。App protection policies cannot be applied to these apps.

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