如何指導使用者使用 Microsoft IntuneHow to educate your end users about Microsoft Intune

適用於︰IntuneApplies to: Intune
本主題適用於 Azure 入口網站和傳統入口網站中的 Intune。This topic applies to Intune in both the Azure portal and the classic portal.

Microsoft Intune 可協助您提供行動裝置給您的工作人員,同時保護公司資料。Microsoft Intune helps you enable your workforce with mobile devices while keeping your corporate data protected. 有許多步驟可確保成功部署,包括透過免費試用來評估 Intune。There are many steps to ensuring a successful deployment, including evaluating Intune through a free trial.

這些技術全都無法確保您的使用者了解您管理他們裝置的原因有多重要。None of these technologies will ensure that your users understand the importance of why you're managing their devices. 事實上,許多使用者可能會感覺您正在侵害他們的隱私權 - 特別是若您要將 Intune 部署為 BYOD 解決方案In fact, many of your end users may feel as though you are infringing on their privacy - especially if you are deploying Intune as a BYOD solution.


了解並主動解決使用者對於為何需要管理裝置的顧慮,對於成功部署而言很重要。Understanding and proactively addressing your end users' concerns about why your company needs to manage devices is critical to a successful rollout.

採用不只是讓技術運作,並分散給所有工作人員,而是讓您的使用者擁抱 Intune 提供的安全存取。Adoption is not just about getting the technology working and distributed throughout your workforce, but about getting your end user population to embrace the secured access that Intune provides them. 使用者可能受到企業行動力的脅迫,因為一般來說,我們並未向他們說明他們對於企業行動力需要知道的事,以及它能 (和不能) 做到的事。Users may be intimidated of enterprise mobility because, by and large, we aren't explaining to them what they need to know about what enterprise mobility is for, and what it can (and can't) do.

關於您的終端使用者應該考慮的事項Things to consider about your end users

您的終端使用者具有什麼經驗層級?What level of experience do your end users have? 您的終端使用者可能有各種不同技術的各種使用經驗。Your end users may have a range of experience with a variety of technology. 這些經驗可能是正面和負面,從他們為子女拍下的令人印象深刻的相片,到他們的裝置掉入水槽並遺失任何未備份資料的時刻。These experiences could be both positive and negative, from memorable photos they've taken of their children, to that time they dropped their device into the sink and lost any data that wasn't backed up. 這些經驗影響了他們接近技術的方式,以及他們對於個人和公司使用裝置有什麼看法。These experiences color how they approach technology, and what perceptions they have of personal and business uses of devices.

行動力管理對我有什麼意義?What does mobility management mean to me? 使用者可能沒有完全了解您對他們的裝置和資訊具有 (和不具有) 何種存取權。Users may not have a full understanding of what access you do (and do not) have to their devices and their information. 使用者可能會對於 IT 與領導階層追蹤他們的每次移動有所顧慮。Users are likely to be concerned about the potential for IT and leadership to keep track of their every move. 這對於經驗較少的使用者而言可能特別令人擔心,他們可能會認為裝置上的所有活動都是私人活動。This can be especially worrying for less experienced users, who may believe that all activity on their devices is private. 較有經驗的使用者可能會因為「老大哥」監視他們的裝置而有特定的恐懼,並且可能向同事宣揚其顧慮。A more experienced user may have specific fears stemming from "big brother" spying on their devices, and may then evangelize their concerns to coworkers.

這可能會對我的終端使用者造成什麼不便?How could this inconvenience my end users? 安裝應用程式、註冊裝置,以及維持相容性需要時間。It takes time to install apps, enroll devices, and maintain compliance. 確保您的公司資料安全性是任何 Intune 部署的第一要務,但在個人裝置上要求不合理的密碼會導致您的使用者憎惡您管理他們的裝置。Ensuring your corporate data's security is the top priority of any Intune deployment, but requiring an unreasonable passcode on a personal device will cause your users to resent your management of their devices. 在攸關業務的電話會議中傳送必要的應用程式更新,可能會造成使用者變得較不具生產力,破壞了提供他們行動裝置的目的。Sending required app updates in the middle of business-critical conference calls could cause your users to become less productive, defeating the purpose of enabling them with mobile devices.

您應該做的事Things you should do

安撫這些使用者顧慮,可讓您的部署更順暢。Assuaging these user concerns will make your deployment smoother. 我們有一份方法清單,可以讓您的終端使用者更容易接受裝置管理。We have a list of ways to consider to make it easier for your end users to embrace device management.


透明度,在任何可能之處,都是部署成功的基礎。Transparency, wherever possible, is fundamental to the success of your deployment.

您想要結合信任與經過精心設計的相容性原則,以確定終端使用者知道,即使您「可以」查看特定類型的個人資料,您也「不想」,以及您侵犯他們的隱私權時可能要負的責任。You're trying to combine trust with well-crafted compliance policies to make sure that end users know that even if you could look at certain types of personal data, that you don't want to, and the liability that you could incur for invading their privacy. 與您的法務和人事部門一起精心製作一份聲明,對特別難相處的員工可能有效。Crafting a statement with your legal and HR departments can help with particularly difficult employees.