Intune 所管理裝置的註冊選項Enrollment options for devices managed by Intune

身為 Intune 管理員,您可以設定裝置註冊,協助使用者並啟用 Intune 的功能。As an Intune admin, you can configure device enrollment to help users and enable Intune capabilities. Intune 包含下列註冊選項:Intune includes the following enrollment options:

條款及條件Terms and conditions

您可以要求使用者必須先接受公司的條款及條件,然後才能使用公司入口網站來註冊他們的裝置並存取資源 (例如公司應用程式和電子郵件)。You can require that users accept your company's terms and conditions before they can use the Company Portal to enroll their devices and access resources like company apps and email. 條款及條件的設定是選擇性的。Configuration of terms and conditions is optional. 深入了解條款及條件Learn more about terms and conditions.

註冊限制Enrollment restrictions

您可以選擇限制裝置註冊的條件:You can choose to restrict device enrollment by:

  • 裝置平台Device platform
  • 每位使用者的裝置數目Number of devices per user
  • 封鎖個人裝置Block personal devices

深入了解註冊限制Learn more about enrollment restrictions.

啟用 Apple 裝置註冊Enable Apple device enrollment

需有 MDM Push Certificate 才能註冊 iOS 和 Mac 裝置。An MDM push certificate is required for iOS and macOS device enrollment. 深入了解 MDM Push CertificatesLearn more about MDM push certificates.

公司識別碼Corporate identifiers

您可以列出國際行動設備識別碼 (IMEI) 編號及序號,以識別公司擁有的裝置。You can list international mobile equipment identifier (IMEI) numbers and serial numbers to identify corporate-owned devices. 深入了解公司識別碼Learn more about corporate identifiers.

Multi-factor authenticationMulti-factor authentication

您可以要求使用者在註冊裝置時使用其他驗證方法,例如電話、PIN 或生物特徵辨識資料。You can require users to use an additional verification method, such as a phone, PIN or biometric data, when they enroll a device. 深入了解多重要素驗證Learn more about multi-factor authentication.

裝置註冊管理員Device enrollment manager

指派使用者擔任裝置註冊管理員。You can make users device enrollment managers. DEM 使用者可以使用單一使用者帳戶來註冊大量的行動裝置。DEM users can enroll large numbers of mobile devices with a single user account. 裝置註冊管理員 (DEM) 帳戶最多可以註冊 1,000 部裝置。The device enrollment manager (DEM) account can enroll up to 1,000 devices. 深入了解裝置註冊管理員Learn more about device enrollment managers.

裝置類別Device categories

您可以根據您定義的類別,使用裝置類別自動新增裝置。You can use device categories to automatically add devices to groups based on categories that you define. 將裝置依群組分門別類,可以更輕鬆地管理這些裝置。Organizing devices into groups makes it easier for you to manage those devices. 深入了解裝置類別Learn more about device categories.