Microsoft Intune 服務描述Microsoft Intune service description

Intune 是以雲端為基礎的企業行動管理 (EMM) 服務,可協助讓您的工作人員提高生產力,同時保護公司資料。Intune is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) service that helps enable your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected. 使用 Intune,您可以︰With Intune, you can:

  • 管理您的工作人員用來存取公司資料的行動裝置。Manage the mobile devices your workforce uses to access company data.
  • 管理您的工作人員使用的行動應用程式。Manage the mobile apps your workforce uses.
  • 藉由協助控制您的工作人員存取並共用公司資訊的方式,保護您的公司資訊。Protect your company information by helping to control the way your workforce accesses and shares it.
  • 確保裝置和應用程式都符合公司安全性需求。Ensure devices and apps are compliant with company security requirements.

Intune 和 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 緊密整合以進行身分識別和存取控制,並和 Azure 資訊保護緊密整合以進行資料保護。Intune integrates closely with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for identity and access control, and Azure Information Protection for data protection. 您也將它與 System Center Configuration Manager 整合,以擴充管理功能。You can also integrate it with System Center Configuration Manager to extend your management capabilities.

若要深入了解如何管理裝置、應用程式,並使用 Intune 保護公司資料,請參閱 Intune 文件To learn more about how you can manage devices, apps, and protect corporate data with Intune, see the Intune documentation.

30 天免費試用30-day free trial

您可以從包含 100 個使用者授權的 30 天免費試用版開始使用 Intune。You can start to use Intune with a 30-day free trial that includes 100 user licenses. 若要使用免費的試用版,請前往 Intune 註冊頁面To start your free trial, go to the Intune Sign up page. 如果您的組織有 Enterprise 合約或對等的大量授權合約,請連絡您的 Microsoft 代表來設定您的免費試用版。If your organization has an Enterprise Agreement or equivalent volume licensing agreement, contact your Microsoft representative to set up your free trial.


您的組織若已有 Microsoft Online Services 的工作或學校帳戶,而您在試用期結束後仍要繼續在生產環境中使用此 Intune 訂用帳戶,請在該頁面選擇 [登入] 選項,然後再以您組織的全域管理員帳戶進行驗證。If your organization has a Microsoft Online Services work or school account, and you might continue with this Intune subscription in production after the trial period ends, then choose the Sign in option on that page and authenticate by using the Global Administrator account for your organization. 這個動作可確保您的 Intune 試用版連結至您現有的工作或學校帳戶。This action ensures that your Intune trial links to your existing work or school account.

Intune 登入權益Intune Onboarding benefit

Microsoft 提供 Intune 登入權益,適用於合格方案中的合格服務。Microsoft offers the Intune Onboarding benefit for eligible services in eligible plans. 登入權益讓您能夠從遠端與 Microsoft 專家合作,來準備您的 Intune 環境以供使用。The Onboarding benefit lets you work remotely with Microsoft specialists to get your Intune environment ready for use. 如需登入權益的詳細資訊,請參閱 Microsoft Intune 登入權益說明For more about the Onboarding benefit, see Microsoft Intune Onboarding Benefit Description.

了解 Intune 服務更新對您的影響Learn how Intune service updates affect you

由於行動裝置管理生態系統經常會隨著作業系統與行動裝置應用程式版本變更,因此 Microsoft 會定期更新 Intune。Because the mobile device management ecosystem changes frequently with operating system updates and mobile app releases, Microsoft updates Intune regularly. 有三種方式可了解 Intune 服務中的變更:There are three ways you can learn about changes in the Intune service:

  • Microsoft Intune 的新功能What's new in Microsoft Intune. 此主題會隨著每月及每週服務更新,例如當發行公司入口網站應用程式之類的應用程式時。This topic is updated with the monthly service update and weekly when, for example, apps such as the Company Portal app are released.

  • 我們也將會透過 Office 365 管理入口網站訊息中心,宣布重要的服務更新。Important service updates are also announced in the Office 365 management portal Message Center. 如果您安裝隨附的 Office 365 管理行動應用程式,即可在行動裝置上接收通知。If you install the companion Office 365 Admin mobile app, you can receive notifications on your mobile device. 深入了解如何使用 Office 365 訊息中心Learn more about how to work with the Office 365 Message Center.

    一些有用的提示:A few helpful hints:

    • Office 365 訊息中心中的訊息是有目標的。The messages in the Office 365 Message Center are targeted. 這表示,如果您的公司沒有 Intune 教育版產品,我們將不會傳送有關 Intune 教育版的訊息給您。This means that if your company doesn’t have an Intune for EDU offer, we won’t message you about Intune for EDU.

    • 訊息過期。Messages expire. 例如,含有「新增功能」頁面連結的服務更新通知,可能會在下次服務更新通知之前過期。For example, the notification that your service has been updated with a link to the What’s New page will likely expire prior to the next service update notification. 否則,您可能會有大量不再相關的文章待處理項目。Otherwise, you’d have a large backlog of posts that may no longer be relevant.

    • Office 365 管理行動應用程式可讓您搜尋所有訊息。如果您想要在組織中與同儕分享,也可轉送通知。The Office 365 admin mobile app allows you to search through all the messages and to forward the notification if you wanted to share it with peers in your organization.

    • 在編輯訊息中心喜好設定下,我們最終會有 Intune 的切換開關,讓您能夠查看張貼至 Intune 訂閱的這些訊息。Under Edit message center preferences, we’ll eventually have a toggle for Intune so you can look at those messages posted to an Intune subscription. 如果您看到 Office 365 的行動裝置管理,那是指不同的服務,不是 Intune。If you see Mobile Device Management for Office 365, that is a different service, not Intune.

  • 我們也會使用兩個部落格來分享 EMS 訊息與 Intune 支援最佳做法:We also use two blogs to share the EMS message and Intune support best practices:


您可以在 Office 365 管理入口網站中監視 Intune 服務健全狀況。You can monitor Intune service health in the Office 365 management portal. 選擇左窗格中的 [服務健全狀況]Choose Service Health in the left pane. 您也可以使用 Office 365 管理行動裝置應用程式檢視服務健康狀況。You can also use the Office 365 Admin mobile app to view service health.

Microsoft 提供之有關 Intune 服務的通知類型Types of notices Microsoft provides about the Intune service

為了協助您規劃服務變更,我們會根據變更所產生的影響,在服務變更之前至少 7-90 天通知您。To help you plan for service changes, we notify you at least 7-90 days prior to the service change, depending on the impact of the change. 這些變更可能包含以下任何類型的變更:These changes might include any of the following types of change:

  • 您可能想要與技術服務人員或使用者分享的使用者體驗變更。Changes to the end-user experience that you may want to share with your helpdesk staff or your end users. 我們通常會在 7 到 30 天前為這些變更提供通知,並將這些通知記錄到 Intune 應用程式 UI 的新功能We provide typically 7 to 30 days notice of those changes and document them on the What’s New in Intune App UI. 對於例如拼字錯誤修正之類的問題,我們通常不會在文件中指出。For something like a spelling error fix, we won’t typically call out in documentation. 但使用者註冊體驗中的變更對於 UI 來說已足夠重要,我們會在 Office 365 訊息中心中向客戶張貼訊息,並在 Intune 應用程式 UI 中張貼「新增功能」的連結,如此您便會收到變更內容的通知,並且有時間在變更推出至生產環境前評估和更新您的使用者指引。But a change in the end-user enrollment experience is significant enough in the UI that we’ll both post a message to customers in the Office 365 Message center and link to the What’s New in the Intune App UI so you are notified of what’s changing and have time to evaluate and update your end-user guidance before the changes rolling out in production.

  • 需要您採取動作的變更稱為變更計劃,通常在約約 30 天前提供通知。Changes that require you to take action are called Plan for Change and typically provide about 30 days notice. 在 Office 365 訊息中心中,「類別」專指「變更計劃」,如果我們對生產何時進行變更有確切的日期,我們也會設定一個最晚行動日期,讓您能夠看見視覺化佇列與說明標記。In the Office 365 Message Center the Category specifically says Plan for Change, and if we have an exact date for when the change is in production, we also put in an Act By date and that gives you a visual queue and an explanation mark.

  • 針對大部分棄用功能,我們會在 90 天前提供通知。For most deprecations, we prefer to provide 90 days notice of that deprecation. 例如,如果我們不再支援特定版本的 IE,我們的目標是在 90 天前提供通知。For example, if we’re no longer going to support a specific version of IE, our goal is to provide 90 days notice. 不過,當有另一家公司宣布棄用功能時,棄用功能會變得有點複雜。However, deprecations do get complicated when it’s another company announcing the deprecation. 例如,某瀏覽器公司通知他們不再其最新組建中支援 Silverlight,因此我們會讓客戶知道我們已停止對該瀏覽器的支援,但我們給客戶的通知會在 90 天的期間以下。For example, a browser company provided notice that they would no longer support Silverlight with their latest build, so we let customers know we were dropping support of that browser, but our notification to customers under the 90-day period.

  • 萬一 Intune 服務停用,將提前在 12 個月之前通知您。In the event of Intune service retirement, you would be notified 12 months in advance.

最後,在極少見的情況下,會需要採行任何事件後續動作來讓您的服務回到正軌,或者有我們根據客戶意見反應認定為可能具干擾性的大型變更,我們會依據您設定 Office 365 通訊喜好設定的方式以及您是否提供有效 (且最好是可正常收發) 的電子郵件地址來傳送電子郵件給服務系統管理員。Finally, in the rare event there’s any post-incident action needed to get your service back to normal or a large change that we deem potentially disruptive based on customer feedback, we will email the service administrators based on how your Office 365 communication preferences are set and whether you include a valid (and preferably work) email address.

語言支援Language support

Intune 在 Azure 入口網站執行,並支援下列語言:簡體中文、繁體中文、捷克文、荷蘭文、英文、德文、匈牙利文、義大利文、日文、葡萄牙文 (巴西)、葡萄牙文 (葡萄牙)、俄文、西班牙文、英文、法文、韓文、波蘭文、瑞典文、土耳其文。Intune runs in the Azure portal, which supports these languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, English, French, Korean, Polish, Swedish, Turkish.

Intune 管理主控台和使用者導向的行動體驗支援丹麥文、希臘文、芬蘭文、挪威文和羅馬尼亞文,以及 Azure 入口網站支援的所有語言。The Intune Admin Console and the user-facing mobile experiences support Danish, Greek, Finnish, Norwegian, and Romanian, in addition to all the languages that the Azure portal supports.