Intune 移轉指南Intune migration guide

Microsoft Intune MDM 移轉指南圖案

若要成功移轉至 Microsoft Intune,需要先有一個詳實的計劃,其中通盤考量您目前的行動裝置管理 (MDM) 環境、業務目標和技術需求。A successful migration to Microsoft Intune starts with a solid plan that factors in your current mobile device management (MDM) environment, business goals, and technical requirements. 此外,您還需要包含將支援和協作移轉計劃的重要關係人。Additionally, you need to include the key stakeholders who will support and collaborate with your migration plan.

本指南將逐步解說有關從協力廠商 MDM 提供者移轉到 Intune 的各種詳細資料。This guide walks you through the various details involved in migrating from a third-party MDM provider to Intune.

本指南包含哪些內容?What’s included in this guide?

本指南將移轉分成兩個階段,這兩者都包含工作、策略和策略性指南,將協助您逐步完成移轉至 Intune MDM 的端對端程序。This guide breaks down the migration into two phases, both of which include tasks, strategies, and tactical guidance that will help you step through the end-to-end process of migrating to Intune MDM.


  • 您已經在概念證明 (PoC) 環境中評估過 Intune,並決定使用它作為組織中的 MDM 解決方案。You've already evaluated Intune in a proof of concept (PoC) environment, and have decided to use it as the MDM solution in your organization.

  • 您已經熟悉 Intune 和其功能。You are already familiar with Intune and its features.

開始之前Before you begin

請務必了解新的 Intune 部署可能會與舊的 MDM 部署不同。It's important to recognize that your new Intune deployment might be different from your old MDM deployment. 不同於傳統的 MDM 服務,Intune 著重在身分識別導向的存取控制,因此不需使用網路 Proxy 設備,對組織周邊網路以外的行動裝置控制公司資料的存取。Unlike traditional MDM services, Intune centers on identity-driven access control, and so does not require a network proxy appliance to control access to corporate data from mobile devices outside the organization's network perimeter. Microsoft 透過一套緊密整合的雲端服務 (統稱為「企業用戶端 + 安全性」供應項目),提供保護雲端本身內之資料服務的解決方案。Microsoft offers solutions to secure data services within the cloud itself through a suite of tightly integrated cloud services, collectively referred to as the Enterprise Client + Security offering.

接下來的步驟Next steps

階段 1:準備 Intune 以用於行動裝置管理Phase 1: Prepare Intune for mobile device management