開發推出計劃Develop a rollout plan

您的推出計劃可識別 Intune 推出的目標組織群組、每個群組的推出時間範圍,以及將使用的註冊方法。Your rollout plan identifies the organizational groups you want to target for your Intune rollout, the rollout timeframe for each group, and the enrollment approaches you will use.

目標群組與時間範圍Targeted groups and timeframes

首先,檢閱 Intune 推出及您在使用案例中識別的目標群組。First, review the groups that are targeted with your Intune rollout and that you identified in your use-case scenarios.

接下來,判斷每個目標群組的時間範圍。Second, determine the time frame for each targeted group. 一般來說,Intune 部署小組與目標群組需要一起討論,以判斷最適合每個群組的推出時間表。This task typically requires a discussion between the Intune deployment team and the targeted groups to determine the most appropriate rollout time frame for each group. 在此類討論中涵蓋的重點包括:Points to cover in such a discussion include:

  • 群組的更改意願The group’s willingness for change
  • 使用者和裝置數目The number of users and devices
  • 裝置平台的類型Types of device platforms
  • 需求Requirements
  • 地理位置Geographic location
  • 商業風險Business risk

首展階段Rollout phases

組織通常會選擇先從初始試驗來開始推出 Intune,並先以 IT 部門的一小組使用者為目標。Organizations commonly choose to start the Intune rollout with an initial pilot, targeting a small group of users in the IT department. 可擴充試驗,納入更多 IT 使用者並可讓其他組織群組參與。The pilot can be expanded to include a broader set of IT users and may include participation from other organizational groups.


推出的第一個階段目標應為試驗使用者。The first phase to rollout should be to pilot users. 試驗使用者應該了解他們是新解決方案中的第一批使用者。The pilot users should understand they are the first users in a new solution. 他們必須願意提供意見反應以協助改善設定、文件、通知,並為所有其他使用者簡化後續推出的方式。They must be willing to provide feedback to help improve configuration, documentation, notifications, and ease the way for all other users in later rollout phases. 這些使用者不應該是主管或 VIP。These users should not be executives or VIPs.

試驗是讓您測試挑戰並精簡稍早蒐集之需求的好機會。The pilot is a good opportunity for you to test the challenges and refine requirements you gathered earlier.

包含您的通訊計劃、支援計劃及測試和驗證以解決任何問題,同時仍將對使用者的影響保持在很小的程度。Include your communication plan, support plan, and testing and validation to work out any problems while the impact to users is still small.

生產推出Production rollout

在試驗成功之後,您已準備好開始完整的生產推出,並以其餘組織群組為目標。After a successful pilot, you're ready to start a full production rollout, targeting the rest of your organization’s groups. 一些不同推出群組與階段的範例如下:Some examples of different rollout groups and phases are:

  • 部門Departments
    每個部門都可以是推出階段的目標。Each department can be a rollout phase. 您一次將整個部門當成目標。You target an entire department at a time. 在這類推出中,每個部門的使用者都應以相同方式使用行動裝置,並存取相同的應用程式。In this type of rollout, users in each department tend to use the mobile device in the same way and access the same applications. 使用者可能會有相同類型的原則。Users will likely have the same types of policies.

  • 地理位置Geography
    在此方法中,您會針對特定地理位置中的所有使用者進行部署,不論是否在同一洲、國家/地區、區域或相同公司大樓。In this approach, you deploy to all users in a specific geography whether it’s the same continent, country, region, or same company’s building. 這類分階段部署可讓您專注於特定位置的使用者。This type of phased deployment lets you focus on the specific location of users. 這麼做可減少同時部署 Intune 的位置數量,確保提供過程更加服務周全的方法。This could let you provide more of a white glove approach because the number of locations deploying Intune at the same time is reduced. 由於相同的位置,可能會有不同的部門或使用案例,因此可能會同時部署不同的使用案例。Because there are chances of different departments or use cases being at the same location, different use cases might be deployed at the same time.

  • 平台Platform
    這種類型的部署會同時針對類似平台進行部署。This type of deployment consists of deploying similar platforms at the same time. 例如,可能第一個月先進行所有 iOS 裝置的部署,接著進行 Android,之後是 Windows。An example might be all iOS devices the first month, followed by Android, followed by Windows. 這種類型的分階段部署有助於簡化技術服務人員支援,因為技術服務人員一次只需要支援一種平台。This type of phased deployment helps simplify helpdesk support because helpdesk would only have to support a single platform at a time.

下列為 Intune 推出計畫的範例,包括目標群組和時間表:Here’s an example of an Intune rollout plan that includes targeted groups and timelines:

推出階段Rollout phase 7 月July 8 月August 9 月September 10 月October
有限試驗Limited Pilot IT (50 位使用者)IT (50 users)
擴充試驗Expanded Pilot IT (200 位使用者)、IT 主管 (10 位使用者)IT (200 users), IT Executives (10 users)
生產推出階段 1Production rollout phase 1 銷售和行銷 (2000 位使用者)Sales and Marketing (2000 users)
生產推出階段 2Production rollout phase 2 零售 (1000 位使用者)Retail (1000 users)
生產推出階段 3Production rollout phase 3 人力資源 (50 位使用者)、財務 (40 位使用者)、主管 (30 位使用者)HR (50 users), Finance (40 users), Executives (30 users)

您可以下載上表的範本來輸入組織的推出階段。You can download a template of the above table to enter your organization’s rollout phases.

使推出群組符合註冊方法Match rollout groups to enrollment approaches

現在,您已經決定要推出 Intune 的目標群組和時間表,下一步是選擇最適合每個群組的 Intune 註冊方式。Now that you have determined the targeted groups and time frames for your Intune rollout, the next step is to choose the most appropriate Intune enrollment approach for each group. 您可以使用的不同註冊方法包括:There are different enrollment approaches you can use including:

  • 使用者自助User self-service
  • 協助使用者註冊User assisted-enrollment
  • IT 技術諮詢展IT tech fair

使用者自助User self-service

在此情況下,通常需要使用者遵循其 IT 組織提供的註冊指示,自行註冊自己的裝置。In this case, the user is responsible for enrolling their own device, usually following enrollment instructions provided by their IT organization. 這個方法是組織最常用的方法,而且比協助使用者註冊的方法更加靈活。This approach is most commonly used in organizations and is more scalable than user-assisted enrollment.

協助使用者註冊User-assisted enrollment

這又稱為「服務周全」的方法。This is known as a "white glove" approach. IT 小組成員可親自或透過 Skype 協助使用者完成註冊程序。An IT team member helps the user through the enrollment process, in person or with Skype. 通常,這種方法多用於主管級員工及其他在註冊程序期間可能需要更多協助的群組。This approach is commonly used with executive staff and other groups that might need more assistance during the enrollment process.

IT 技術諮詢展IT tech fair

另一種可讓 Intune 使用者註冊的選項是 IT 技術諮詢展。Another option for Intune user enrollment is to have an IT technical fair. 在這場活動中,IT 群組會佈置一個 Intune 註冊的協助攤位,使用者可以到這裡來了解 Intune 註冊的資訊、提出問題並獲得註冊程序的協助。At this event, the IT group sets up an Intune enrollment assistance booth where users could receive information on Intune enrollment, ask questions, and receive assistance with the enrollment process. 這個選項對 IT 群組和使用者都能帶來好處,尤其是在 Intune 推出初期階段。This option can be beneficial for both the IT group and users, especially during early phases of Intune rollout.

在上述 Intune 推出計劃中包含註冊方法的更新範例如下:Here’s an updated example of the above Intune rollout plan to include enrollment approaches:

推出階段Rollout phase 7 月July 8 月August 9 月September 10 月October
有限試驗Limited Pilot
自助式Self-service ITIT
擴充試驗Expanded Pilot
自助式Self-service ITIT
服務周全方式White glove IT 主管IT Executives
生產推出階段 1Production rollout phase 1 行銷、銷售Sales, Marketing
自助式Self-service 銷售與行銷Sales and Marketing
生產推出階段 2Production rollout phase 2 零售Retail
生產推出階段 3Production rollout phase 3 零售Retail
自助式Self-service 人力資源、財務HR, Finance
服務周全方式White glove 主管Executives

接下來的步驟Next steps

下一節提供開發 Intune 推出通訊計畫的指引。The next section provides guidance on developing an Intune rollout communication plan.