Intune 測試與驗證Intune testing and validation

在測試 Microsoft Intune 的實作時,請考慮功能驗證及使用案例驗證。When testing the implementation of Microsoft Intune, consider functional validation and use-case validation. 功能驗證包含測試每個元件和設定,以判斷是否正確運作。Functional validation consists of testing each component and configuration to determine if it is working correctly. 使用案例驗證包含測試以驗證涉及一系列工作的案例會如預期般運作。Use-case validation involves testing to verify that the scenarios involving a series of tasks work as expected.

建議您在測試階段納入 IT 支援和技術服務人員,以便建立支援文件,讓 IT 支援和技術服務人員熟悉支援產品。We recommend that you incorporate your IT support and helpdesk staff in the testing phase so that support documentation is created, and the IT support and helpdesk staff become comfortable supporting the product. 如果元件或案例無法根據使用案例運作,請務必記錄必要的變更,並包含進行變更的原因。If a component or scenario does not function based on the use cases, make sure to document the necessary changes, and include the reason a change was made.

開始之前Before you begin

建議您記錄下列各項:We recommend that you document the following:

  • 測試準則: 找出測量的測試基準。Test criteria: Identify the benchmarks to be measured against.

  • 設計元件: 至少必須存在於一項測試準則中。Design components: Must exist in at least one testing criteria.

如果設計元件不存在於至少符合需求或案例的一項測試準則中,請考慮設計元件是否為必要。If a design component does not exist in at least one test criteria that aligns to a requirement or scenario, consider whether the design component is required or not. 此外,請確定擁有下列項目︰In addition, make sure to have the following items:

  • 帳戶: 有 EMS 和 Office 365 授權可測試所有使用案例的測試帳戶。Accounts: Test accounts that are licensed for EMS and Office 365 to test all use-case scenarios.

  • 裝置: 可以抹除或重設為原廠預設值的測試裝置。Devices: Test devices that can be wiped or reset to factory defaults.

  • 整合元件: 如有需要,應該安裝並設定所有的整合元件 (憑證連接器、適用於託管 Exchange 的 Intune 服務至服務連接器以及 Intune 內部部署 Exchange 連接器)。Integration components: All integration components (certificate connector, Intune service-to-service connector for hosted Exchange, and Intune on-premises Exchange connector) should be installed and configured if needed.

您可能需要設計變更,以備處理無法預見的問題。You may need design changes to accommodate unforeseen difficulties. 此外,所有的設計變更都應該詳細記錄每項變更的原因。In addition, all design changes should be fully documented with the reason for each change. 下例示範可能的變更︰Here's an example to illustrate what a change could be:

您知道自己不符合網路裝置註冊服務 (NDES) 的需求,也了解可以使用根 CA 設定 VPN 和 Wi-Fi 設定檔,在不實作 NDES 的情況下滿足相同的需求。You realize that you don’t meet the requirements of Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES), and you also learn that the VPN and Wi-Fi profiles can be configured with a root CA satisfying the same requirements without an NDES implementation.

在測試和驗證過程中,您可能會遇到需要技術指導或特定疑難排解的困難或問題。You might experience challenges or issues that require technical guidance or specialized troubleshooting during the testing and validation process. 建議您透過 Microsoft 支援管道尋求協助。We recommend that you seek assistance through the Microsoft support channels.

功能驗證測試Functional validation testing

功能驗證包含測試每個元件和設定,以判斷是否正確運作。Functional validation consists of testing each component and configuration to determine if it is working correctly. 下表有驗證測試範例。An example of validation testing is in the table below.

第 9 節表 1

使用案例驗證測試Use-case validation testing

執行使用案例驗證測試,以確認案例都完整且運作正常。Perform use-case validation testing to verify the scenarios are complete and functional. 使用案例有兩種類型:IT 管理員和使用者。There are two types of use-case scenarios: IT admin and end user.

IT 管理員IT admin

執行 IT 管理員驗證測試,以驗證對裝置或使用者功能執行的管理動作正確無誤。Perform IT admin validation testing to validate that administrative actions performed on a device or user function correctly. 下例是 IT 管理員的端對端驗證案例。Below is an example of an IT admin end-to-end validation scenario.

第 9 節表 2

使用者End user

執行使用者驗證測試,以確認所有使用者通訊中的使用者體驗都能如預期正確呈現。Perform end-user validation testing to validate that the end-user experience is as expected and presented correctly in all user communications. 請務必確認使用者體驗正確無誤。It is important to validate that the end-user experience is correct. 如果無法確認,它可能會導致採用率較低以及較大量的技術服務人員呼叫。If you fail to validate, it can lead to lower adoption rates and higher volumes of helpdesk calls.

第 9 節表 3

接下來的步驟Next steps

現在您已測試並驗證您的 Intune 功能和使用案例,因此可以推出 Intune 產品Now that you have tested and validated your Intune functional and use-case scenarios, you're ready for your Intune production rollout.

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