Intune 資料倉儲 API 端點Intune Data Warehouse API endpoint

您可以搭配使用 Intune 資料倉儲 API 與具有特定角色型存取控制和 Azure AD 認證的帳戶。You can use the Intune Data Warehouse API with an account with specific role-based access controls and Azure AD credentials. 您接著會使用 OAuth 2.0 向 Azure AD 授權 REST 用戶端。You will then authorize your REST client with Azure AD using OAuth 2.0. 最後,您會形成有意義的 URL 來呼叫資料倉儲資源。And finally, you will form a meaningful URL to call a data warehouse resource.

Azure AD 和 Intune 認證需求Azure AD and Intune credential requirements

驗證和授權是以 Azure AD 認證和 Intune 角色型存取控制 (RBAC) 為基礎。Authentication and authorization are based on Azure AD credentials and Intune role-based access control (RBAC). 租用戶的所有全域管理員和 Intune 服務管理員預設可以存取資料倉儲。All global administrators and Intune service administrators for your tenant have access to the Data warehouse by default. 使用 Intune 角色來提供更多使用者的存取權,方法是讓他們存取 Intune 資料倉儲資源。Use Intune roles to provide access for more users by giving them access to the Intune data warehouse resource.

存取 Intune 資料倉儲 (包括應用程式開發介面) 的需求如下:Requirements for accessing the Intune Data Warehouse (including the API) are:

  • 使用者必須是下列其中一個:User must be one of:
    • Azure AD 全域管理員Azure AD global administrator
    • Intune 服務管理員An Intune service administrator
    • 對於 Intune 資料倉儲資源具有以角色為基礎之存取權的使用者User with role-based access to Intune data warehouse resource
    • 使用僅限應用程式驗證的無使用者驗證User-less authentication using application-only authentication


Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 採用 OAuth 2.0,可讓您授予 Azure AD 租用戶中之 Web 應用程式和 Web API 的存取權。Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) uses OAuth 2.0 to enable you to authorize access to web applications and web APIs in your Azure AD tenant. 本指南與語言無關,並描述如何傳送和接收 HTTP 訊息,而不需要使用任何開放原始碼程式庫。This guide is language independent, and describes how to send and receive HTTP messages without using any of our open-source libraries. OAuth 2.0 規格的第 4.1 節描述 OAuth 2.0 授權碼流程。The OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow is described in section 4.1 of the OAuth 2.0 specification.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱使用 OAuth 2.0 和 Azure Active Directory 授權存取 Web 應用程式For more information, see Authorize access to web applications using OAuth 2.0 and Azure Active Directory.

API URL 結構API URL structure

資料倉儲 API 端點會讀取每個集合的實體。The Data Warehouse API endpoints read the entities for each set. API 支援 GET HTTP 動詞,以及查詢選項子集。The API supports a GET HTTP verb, and a subset of query options.

Intune URL 使用下列格式:The URL for Intune uses the following format:

URL 包含下列元素:The URL contains the following elements:

元素Element 範例Example 說明Description
locationlocation msua06msua06 在 Azure 入口網站中檢視資料倉儲 API 刀鋒視窗,即可找到基底 URL。The base URL can be found by viewing the Data Warehouse API blade in the Azure portal.
entity-collectionentity-collection datesdates OData 實體集合的名稱。The name of the OData entity collection. 如需資料模型中集合和實體的詳細資訊,請參閱資料模型For more information on collections and entities in the data model, see Data Model.
api-versionapi-version betabeta 版本是要存取之 API 的版本。Version is the version of the API to access. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱版本For more information, see Version.

API 版本資訊API version information

API 的目前版本為:betaThe current version of the API is: beta.

OData 查詢選項OData query options

目前版本支援下列 OData 查詢參數:$filter, $orderby, $select, $skip,$topThe current version supports the following OData query parameters: $filter, $orderby, $select, $skip, and $top.