在 Intune 中設定電信費用管理服務Set up a telecom expense management service in Intune

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
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Intune 可讓您管理公司擁有之行動裝置上的資料使用量所造成的電信費用。Intune enables you to manage telecom expenses incurred from data usage on corporate-owned mobile devices. 為了啟用此功能,Intune 已整合協力廠商軟體開發人員 Saaswedo 的 Datalert 電信費用管理解決方案。To enable this capability, Intune has integrated with the third-party software developer Saaswedo’s Datalert telecom expense management solution. Datalert 是即時的電信費用管理軟體,可讓您管理電信數據使用量,協助 Intune 管理的裝置避免高額費用及非預期的超額數據費和漫遊費。Datalert is real-time telecom expense management software that lets you manage telecom data usage and avoid costly and unexpected data and roaming overages for your Intune-managed devices.

Intune 與 Datalert 整合可讓您集中設定、監視及實施漫遊與國內數據使用量限制,並在超出定義的閾值限制時自動發出警示。Intune's integration with Datalert enables you to centrally set, monitor and enforce roaming and domestic data usage limits by using automated alerts when the limits exceed defined thresholds. 您可以設定服務對個人或使用者群組套用不同的動作,包括在使用者超過閾值時停用漫遊。You can configure the service to apply different actions to individuals or groups of end users, including disabling roaming, when users exceed the threshold. Datalert 管理主控台也提供有關數據使用量與監視資訊的報表。Reports that provide data usage and monitoring information are available from the Datalert management console.

下圖顯示 Intune 如何整合 Datalert。The following diagram shows how Intune integrates with Datalert.

Intune 與 Datalert 整合的圖表

在開始使用 Intune 的 Datalert 服務之前,必須先個別在 Datalert 主控台與 Intune 中設定。Before you can use the Datalert service with Intune, you need to configure settings in the Datalert console and in Intune. Datalert 服務與 Intune 都必須開啟連線。The connection must be turned on for the Datalert service and for Intune. 若只有 Datalert 端的連線開啟,但 Intune 端未開啟,Intune 將會在收到通訊後予以忽略。If the Datalert side of the connection is enabled, but not the Intune side, Intune receives the communication, but ignores it.

支援的平台Supported platforms

  • Samsung KnoxSamsung Knox
  • iOS 8.0 和更新版本iOS 8.0 and later


  • Microsoft Intune 的訂用帳戶,以及對於 Azure 入口網站的存取。A subscription to Microsoft Intune, and access to the Azure portal.
  • 訂閱 Datalert 電信費用管理服務A subscription to the Datalert telecom expense management service

電信費用管理提供者清單List of telecom expense management providers

Intune 目前整合了下列電信費用管理提供者︰Intune currently integrates with the following telecom expense management providers:

Saaswedo Datalert 電信費用管理服務Saaswedo Datalert telecom expense management service

部署 Intune 和 Datalert 整合式解決方案Deploy the Intune and Datalert integrated solution

開始之前,請確定您已有 Intune 和 Datalert 電信費用管理服務訂閱。Before you start, make sure that you already have an Intune and a Datalert telecom expense management service subscription.

步驟 1︰將 Datalert 服務連線到 Microsoft IntuneStep 1: Connect the Datalert service to Microsoft Intune

  1. 使用系統管理員認證來登入 Datalert 管理主控台。Sign into the Datalert management console with your administrator credentials.

  2. 在 Datalert 管理主控台上,移至 [設定] 索引標籤,然後移至 [MDM 設定]。On the Datalert management console, go to the Settings tab, and then to MDM configuration.

  3. 選取 [解除鎖定],讓您可以在該頁面上輸入設定。Select Unblock to enable you to enter the settings on the page.

  4. 為 [Server MDM] (伺服器的 MDM) 選擇 [ Microsoft Intune]。For Server MDM, choose Microsoft Intune.

  5. 在 [Azure AD 網域] 中輸入您的 Azure 租用戶識別碼,然後選取 [連線] 按鈕。For Azure AD domain, enter your Azure tenant ID, and then select the Connection button.

    選取 [連線] 會指定 Datalert 簽入 Intune,確保 Datalert 之前與 Intune 之間沒有任何連線。Selecting Connection makes the Datalert service check in with Intune to ensure that there are no pre-existing Datalert connections with Intune. Microsoft [登入] 頁面會在幾秒後出現,然後是 Datalert Azure 驗證。After a few seconds, a Microsoft log-in page appears, followed by the Datalert Azure authentication.

  6. 在 Microsoft 驗證頁面上選取 [接受]。On the Microsoft authentication page, select Accept. 您會被重新導向至 Datalert 的 [Thank you] 頁面,並於幾秒之後關閉。You are redirected to a Datalert “thank you” page, which closes after a few seconds. Datalert 會驗證連線,並在驗證過的項目清單旁顯示綠色核取記號。Datalert validates the connection, and displays green check marks beside a list of items that it validated. 若驗證失敗,將會顯示紅色的訊息。If the validation fails, you see a message in red. 當發生此情況時,請連絡 Datalert 支援服務尋求協助。If this happens, contact Datalert Support for help.

    下列螢幕擷取畫面會顯示您可預期在連線成功後看到的綠色核取記號。The following screenshot shows the green check marks that you can expect to see once the connection is successful.

    顯示連線成功的 Datalert 頁面

步驟 2︰檢查 Intune 中已啟用電信費用管理功能Step 2: Check that the telecom expense management feature is Active in Intune

完成上述步驟 1 之後,應該會自動啟用您的連線,而且應該會在 Azure 入口網站中顯示 [使用中] 連線狀態。After you complete Step 1 above, your connection should be automatically enabled, and a connection status of Active should be showing in the Azure portal. 這些步驟示範如何檢查 [使用中] 狀態。These steps show you how to check for the Active status.

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站。Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. 選擇 [更多服務] > [監視 + 管理] > [Intune]。Choose More Services > Monitoring + Management > Intune.

  3. 在 [Intune] 刀鋒視窗中,選擇 [裝置設定]。On the Intune blade, choose Device configuration.

  4. 在 [裝置設定] 刀鋒視窗中選擇 [設定] > [電信費用管理]。On the Device Configuration blade, choose Setup > Telecom Expense Management.

    尋找頁面頂端的 [使用中] 連線狀態。Look for the Active connection status at the top of the page.

    顯示 [使用中] Datalert 連線狀態的 Azure 入口網站

步驟 3︰將 Datalert 應用程式部署到公司註冊的裝置Step 3: Deploy the Datalert app to corporate enrolled devices

為了確保僅收集公司擁有之程式碼行的資料使用量,您需要在 Intune 中建立裝置分類,然後只將 Datalert 應用程式的目標設為公司電話。To ensure that data usage from only corporate-owned lines is collected, you need to create device categories in Intune, and then target the Datalert app to only corporate phones. 完成下列小節中的步驟。Complete the steps in the following subsections.

定義裝置分類以及對應至分類的裝置群組。Define device categories and device groups mapped to the categories

根據組織需求,您需要建立至少兩個裝置分類 (例如,公司和個人),並建立每個分類的動態裝置群組。Depending on your organizational needs, you'll need to create at least two device categories (for example, Corporate and Personal) and create dynamic device groups for each category. 您可以視需要為組織建立更多的分類。You can create more categories for your organization, as needed.

在註冊期間,會向使用者顯示這些分類。These categories will be shown to users during enrollment. 根據使用者所選擇的分類,註冊的裝置將會移至對應的裝置群組。Depending on which category users choose, the enrolled device will be moved to the corresponding device group. 如需如何建立裝置分類的步驟,請參閱 Map devices to groups (將裝置對應到群組)。For steps on how to create device categories, see Map devices to groups.

[新增原則] 刀鋒視窗的螢幕擷取畫面

在 Intune 中建立 Datalert 應用程式Create the Datalert app in Intune

請遵循下列步驟,以在 Intune 中建立每個平台的 Datalert 應用程式。Follow these steps to create the Datalert app in Intune for each platform. iOS 是作為這些步驟中的範例。iOS is used as an example in these steps.

  1. 在 Azure 入口網站的 [Intune] 刀鋒視窗上,選擇 [行動應用程式]。On the Intune blade of the Azure portal, choose Mobile apps.

  2. 在 [行動應用程式] 刀鋒視窗上,選擇 [管理] > [應用程式]。On the Mobile apps blade, choose Manage > Apps.

  3. 選取 [新增] 來新增應用程式。Select Add to add an app.

  4. 選取應用程式類型。Select the app type. 例如,若是 iOS,您需要選取 [iOS 市集應用程式]。For example, for iOS, you would select iOS Store App.

  5. 在 [搜尋 App Store] 中,於搜尋視窗中鍵入 Datalert 來尋找 Datalert 應用程式。In Search the App Store, look for the Datalert app by typing Datalert in the search window.

  6. 選取 [Datalert] 應用程式,然後選取 [確定]。Select the Datalert app, and select OK.

    [新增原則] 刀鋒視窗的螢幕擷取畫面

  7. 完成其餘步驟,以建立 iOS 的應用程式。Complete the remaining steps to create an app for iOS.

    [新增原則] 刀鋒視窗的螢幕擷取畫面

將 Datalert 應用程式指派給公司裝置群組Assign the Datalert app to the corporate device group

  1. 選取您先前在前一個步驟中建立的 iOS Datalert 應用程式。Select the iOS Datalert app that you created in the previous step.

  2. 在 [應用程式] 刀鋒視窗上,移至 [管理] > [指派]。On the Apps blade, go to Manage > Assignments.

  3. 選擇 [選取群組],並遵循步驟來選取公司裝置群組。Choose Select groups, and follow the steps to select the corporate device group.

  4. 選擇是要讓應用程式安裝成為群組的必要或選擇性項目。Choose whether to make the app installation required or optional for the group. 下列範例螢幕擷取畫面顯示所需的安裝,這表示使用者必須在註冊其裝置之後安裝 Datalert 應用程式安裝。The following example screenshot shows the installation as required, which means that users must install the Datalert app installation after enrolling their device.

    [新增原則] 刀鋒視窗的螢幕擷取畫面

步驟 4︰將公司付費電話線路新增至 Datalert 主控台Step 4: Add corporate paid phone lines to the Datalert console

您現在已設定 Intune 和 Datalert 服務彼此通訊。You now have configured the Intune and Datalert services to communicate with each other. 您現在需要將公司付費電話線路新增至 Datalert 主控台,並定義任何行動或漫遊使用情況違規的臨界值和動作。You now need to add your corporate paid phone lines to the Datalert console and define thresholds and actions for any cellular or roaming usage violations. 您可以手動將公司付費電話線路新增至 Datalert 主控台,或是讓線路在裝置註冊到 Intune 後自動新增。You can either add corporate paid phone lines to the Datalert console manually or have the lines added automatically after the device is enrolled into Intune.

若要設定這些項目,請移至 Microsoft Intune 的 Datalert 設定頁面 (http://www.datalert.fr/microsoft-intune/intune-setup),並遵循安裝精靈之 [設定] 索引標籤下的步驟。To set these items, go to the Datalert setup for Microsoft Intune page (http://www.datalert.fr/microsoft-intune/intune-setup), and follow the steps in the setup wizard under the Settings tab.

[新增原則] 刀鋒視窗的螢幕擷取畫面

Datalert 服務現在已上線執行,會開始監視數據使用量,並停用超出設定使用量限制之裝置的行動數據與漫遊數據。The Datalert service is now active, and it starts monitoring data usage and disabling cellular and roaming data on devices that exceed the configured usage limits.

用戶端註冊體驗Client enrollment experience

針對用戶端註冊體驗,請參閱下列內容:For client enrollment experience see following:

關閉 Datalert 服務Turning off the Datalert service

若在 Azure 入口網站停用 Datalert 服務︰If you disable the Datalert service in the Azure portal:

  • 所有因為過去違反使用量限制而對裝置套用的動作都會復原。All of the actions that have been applied to devices, due to past violations of the usage limits, are undone.
  • 使用者不再受限於數據存取與漫遊。Users are no longer blocked from data access and roaming.
  • Intune 仍會接收來自服務的訊號,但會予以忽略。Intune still receives the signals coming from the service, but ignores them.

關閉服務To turn off the service

  1. 在 Azure 入口網站的 [電信費用管理] 刀鋒視窗中選取 [停用]。On the Telecom Expense Management blade in the Azure portal, select Disable.

  2. 選取 [儲存]。Select Save.

檢視數據使用量及漫遊報表Viewing data usage and roaming reports

目前只會在 Saaswedo 的 Datalert 管理主控台中提供數據使用量報告。At this time, data usage reporting is available only in Saaswedo’s Datalert management console.

即將新增終端使用者安裝 Datalert 應用程式所遵循的指示。The instructions that your end users follow to install the Datalert app will be added soon.