Microsoft Intune 中 macOS 裝置的 VPN 設定VPN settings for macOS devices in Microsoft Intune

適用對象:Azure 入口網站的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the Azure portal
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以下清單中的值並非全部都能設定,須取決於您選擇的設定。Depending on the settings you choose, not all values in the list below will be configurable.

基本 VPN 設定Base VPN settings

連線名稱 - 輸入此連線的名稱。Connection name - Enter a name for this connection. 當使用者瀏覽其裝置尋找可用 VPN 連線的清單時,使用者會看到此名稱。End users will see this name when they browse their device for the list of available VPN connections.

  • IP 位或 FQDN - 提供裝置要連線之 VPN 伺服器的 IP 位址或完整網域名稱。IP address or FQDN - Provide the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the VPN server that devices will connect to. 範例:,
  • 驗證方法 - 從下列各方式中選擇裝置對 VPN 伺服器的驗證方式︰Authentication method - Choose how devices will authenticate to the VPN server from:
    • 憑證 - 從 [驗證憑證] 下選擇先前建立用於驗證連線的 SCEP 或 PKCS 憑證設定檔。Certificates - Under Authentication certificate, Choose a SCEP or PKCS certificate profile you previously created to authenticate the connection. 如需憑證設定檔的詳細資訊,請參閱如何設定憑證For more details about certificate profiles, see How to configure certificates.
    • 使用者名稱與密碼 - 使用者必須提供使用者名稱及密碼才能登入 VPN 伺服器。Username and password - End users must supply a username and password to log into the VPN server.
  • 連線類型 - 從下列廠商清單中選取 VPN 連線類型︰Connection type - Select the VPN connection type from the following list of vendors:
    • Check Point Capsule VPNCheck Point Capsule VPN
    • Cisco AnyConnectCisco AnyConnect
    • Dell SonicWALL Mobile ConnectDell SonicWALL Mobile Connect
    • F5 Edge ClientF5 Edge Client
    • Pulse SecurePulse Secure
    • 自訂 VPNCustom VPN
  • 分割通道 - 啟用停用此選項可讓裝置依據流量決定所要使用的連線。Split tunneling - Enable or Disable this option which lets devices decide which connection to use depending on the traffic. 例如,旅館中的使用者使用 VPN 連線存取工作檔案,但使用旅館的標準網路進行一般的網頁瀏覽。For example, a user in a hotel will use the VPN connection to access work files, but use the hotel's standard network for regular web browsing.

自訂 VPN 設定Custom VPN settings

若選取 [自訂 VPN],請進一步設定如下:If you selected Custom VPN, configure these further settings:

  • VPN 識別碼:這是您 VPN 提供者提供您使用之 VPN 應用程式的識別碼。VPN identifier This is an identifier for the VPN app you are using, and is supplied by your VPN provider.
  • 為自訂 VPN 屬性輸入索引鍵/值組:您可以新增或匯入索引鍵來自訂您的 VPN 連線。Enter key and value pairs for the custom VPN attributes Add or import Keys and Values that customize your VPN connection. 同樣地,這些值通常由 VPN 提供者提供。Again, these values are typically supplied by your VPN provider.

Proxy 設定Proxy settings

  • 自動設定指令碼 - 使用檔案設定 Proxy 伺服器。Automatic configuration script - Use a file to configure the proxy server. 輸入包含設定檔的 Proxy 伺服器 URL (例如。Enter the Proxy server URL (for example which contains the configuration file.
  • 位址 - 輸入 proxy 伺服器位址 (例如 IP 位址)。Address - Enter the proxy server address (as an IP address).
  • 連接埠號碼 - 輸入與 Proxy 伺服器相關聯的連接埠號碼。Port number - Enter the port number associated with the proxy server.