以 Microsoft Intune 管理購自商務用 Microsoft 網上商店的應用程式How to manage apps you purchased from the Microsoft Store for Business with Microsoft Intune

商務用 Microsoft 網上商店可讓您為組織個別或大量尋找及購買應用程式。The Microsoft Store for Business gives you a place to find and purchase apps for your organization, individually, or in volume. 將市集連接到 Microsoft Intune,就可以從 Azure 入口網站管理大量採購的應用程式。By connecting the store to Microsoft Intune, you can manage volume-purchased apps from the Azure portal. 例如:For example:

  • 您可以同步處理您使用 Intune 從市集購買的應用程式的清單。You can synchronize the list of apps you have purchased from the store with Intune.
  • 經過同步的應用程式會出現在 Intune 系統管理主控台;一如其他應用程式,您也可以指派這些應用程式。Apps that are synchronized appear in the Intune administration console; you can assign these apps like any other apps.
  • 您可以追蹤有多少可用的授權,以及 Intune 管理主控台中正使用多少授權。You can track how many licenses are available, and how many are being used in the Intune administration console.
  • 如果可用授權數目不足,Intune 會禁止指派及安裝應用程式。Intune blocks assignment and installation of apps if there are an insufficient number of licenses available.
  • 當使用者離開企業,或系統管理員移除使用者及使用者裝置時,受商務用 Microsoft Store 管理的應用程式就會自動撤銷授權。Apps managed by Microsoft Store for Business will automatically revoke licenses when a user leaves the enterprise, or when the administrator removes the user and the user devices.

開始之前Before you start

從商務用 Microsoft 網上商店開始同步及指派應用程式之前,請檢閱下列資訊:Review the following information before you start syncing and assigning apps from the Microsoft Store for Business:

  • 將 Intune 設定為組織的行動裝置管理授權單位。Configure Intune as the mobile device management authority for your organization.
  • 您必須已在商務用 Microsoft 網上商店註冊帳戶。You must have signed up for an account on the Microsoft Store for Business.
  • 一旦您將 Intune 與商務用 Microsoft Store 帳戶建立關聯,未來將無法變更為不同帳戶。Once you have associated a Microsoft Business Store account with Intune, you cannot change to a different account in the future.
  • 從市集購買的應用程式無法手動加入 Intune 中,或從中刪除。Apps purchased from the store cannot be manually added to or deleted from Intune. 它們只能與商務用 Microsoft 網上商店同步處理。They can only be synchronized with the Microsoft Store for Business.
  • 您透過商務用 Microsoft Store 購買的線上和離線授權應用程式都會同步處理到 Intune 入口網站。Both online and offline licensed apps that you have purchased from the Microsoft Store for Business are synced into the Intune portal. 您接著可將這些應用程式部署至裝置群組或使用者群組。You can then deploy these apps to device groups or user groups.
  • 線上應用程式安裝由市集來管理。Online app installations are managed by the store.
  • 免費的離線應用程式也可以同步處理至 Intune。Offline apps that are free of charge can also be synced to Intune. 這些應用程式會透過 Intune 安裝,而不透過市集。These apps are installed by Intune, not by the store.
  • 裝置必須加入 Active Directory Domain Services 或工作場所,才能使用此功能。To use this capability, devices must be joined to Active Directory Domain Services, or workplace-joined.
  • 註冊的裝置必須使用 Windows 10 的 1511 版或更新版本。Enrolled devices must be using the 1511 release of Windows 10 or later.

此外,從商務用 Microsoft 市集同步處理的相關集合和離線授權應用程式,現在將合併成 UI 中的單一應用程式項目。Additionally, related sets and Offline Licensed apps synced from the Microsoft Store for Business will now be consolidated into a single app entry in the UI. 來自個別套件的任何部署詳細資料都會移轉到單一項目。Any deployment details from the individual packages will be migrated over to the single entry. 若要在 Azure 入口網站中檢視相關的集合,請選取 [Mobile Apps] 刀鋒視窗中的 [應用程式授權]。To view related sets in the Azure portal, select App licenses from the Mobile apps blade.

建立您的商務用 Microsoft 網上商店帳戶與 Intune 的關聯Associate your Microsoft Store for Business account with Intune

在 Intune 主控台中啟用同步處理之前,您必須將您的市集帳戶設定為使用 Intune 做為管理工具︰Before you enable synchronization in the Intune console, you must configure your store account to use Intune as a management tool:

  1. 請確定使用您用來登入 Intune 的相同租用戶帳戶來登入商務用市集。Ensure that you sign into the Business Store using the same tenant account you use to sign into Intune.
  2. 在商務用市集中,選擇 [設定] > [管理工具]In the Business Store, choose Settings > Management tools.
  3. 在 [管理工具] 頁面上,選擇 [Add a management tool (新增管理工具)],然後選擇 [Microsoft Intune]On the Management tools page, choose Add a management tool, and choose Microsoft Intune.


您先前可能只建立了某個用來指派應用程式的管理工具與商務用 Microsoft 網上商店的關聯。You could previously only associate one management tool to assign apps with the Microsoft Store for Business. 現在可以建立多種管理工具與市集的關聯性,例如,Intune 和 Configuration Manager。You can now associate multiple management tools with the store, for example, Intune and Configuration Manager.

您現在可以繼續進行,並在 Intune 主控台中設定同步處理。You can now continue, and set up synchronization in the Intune console.

設定同步處理Configure synchronization

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. 選擇 [All services] (所有服務) > [Intune]。Choose All services > Intune. Intune 位於 [Monitoring + Management] (監視 + 管理) 區段。Intune is located in the Monitoring + Management section.
  3. 在 [Intune] 窗格中,選擇 [行動應用程式]。On the Intune pane, choose Mobile apps.
  4. 在 [行動應用程式] 窗格中選擇 [安裝] > [商務用 Microsoft 網上商店]。On the Mobile apps pane, choose Setup > Microsoft Store for Business.
  5. 按一下 [啟用]。Click Enable.
  6. 若還未執行此動作,請遵循前文所述按一下連結來註冊商務用 Microsoft 網上商店並關聯您的帳戶。If you haven't already done so, click the link to sign up for the Microsoft Store for Business and associate your account as detailed previously.
  7. 從 [語言] 下拉式清單中,選擇來自商務用 Microsoft 網上商店應用程式在 Azure 入口網站中顯示的語言。From the Language drop-down list, choose the language in which apps from the Microsoft Store for Business are displayed in the Azure portal. 無論顯示的語言為何,可用時將以使用者的語言安裝。Regardless of the language in which they are displayed, they are installed in the end user's language when available.
  8. 按一下 [同步],以取得您從 Microsoft 網上商店購買的應用程式,將其同步到 Intune。Click Sync to get the apps you've purchased from the Microsoft Store into Intune.

同步處理應用程式Synchronize apps

  1. 在 [Mobile Apps] 工作負載中,選擇 [安裝] > [商務用 Microsoft 網上商店]。In the Mobile apps workload, choose Setup > Microsoft Store for Business.
  2. 按一下 [同步],以取得您從 Microsoft 網上商店購買的應用程式,將其同步到 Intune。Click Sync to get the apps you've purchased from the Microsoft Store into Intune.

指派應用程式Assign apps

您可以使用指派任何其他 Intune 應用程式的方式來指派市集應用程式。You assign apps from the store in the same way you assign any other Intune app. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱如何使用 Microsoft Intune 將應用程式指派給群組For more information, see How to assign apps to groups with Microsoft Intune. 但您也可以不從 [所有應用程式] 頁面而改從 [授權的應用程式] 頁面指派應用程式。However, instead of assigning apps from the All Apps page, you assign them from the Licensed Apps page.

離線應用程式可以將目標設為使用者群組、 裝置群組或包含使用者和裝置的群組。Offline apps can be targeted to user groups, device groups, or groups with users and devices. 離線應用程式可以針對裝置上的特定使用者或裝置上的所有使用者進行安裝。Offline apps can be installed for a specific user on a device or for all users on a device.

當您指派商務用 Microsoft 網上商店應用程式時,安裝應用程式的每個使用者會使用一個授權。When you assign a Microsoft Store for Business app, a license is used by each user who installs the app. 如果您對某個已指派的應用程式使用了所有可用的授權,則無法再指派任何複本。If you use all of the available licenses for an assigned app, you cannot assign any more copies. 請採取下列其中一個動作:Take one of the following actions:

  • 從某些裝置解除安裝應用程式。Uninstall the app from some devices.
  • 將目前指派的範圍減少,僅以您擁有足夠授權的使用者為目標。Reduce the scope of the current assignment, targeting only the users you have sufficient licenses for.
  • 從商務用 Microsoft 網上商店購買更多份應用程式。Buy more copies of the app from the Microsoft Store for Business.