Lync 2013 用戶端和 Lync Server 2013 的更新Updates for Lync 2013 client and Lync Server 2013


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若要確定您已具備最新版的 Lync 用戶端,請參閱此更新所有用戶端發行版本 Microsoft Lync 2013 的經常更新清單。To ensure that you have the latest version of Lync client, check out this frequently updated list of all client release versions for Microsoft Lync 2013.

決定 Lync 桌面用戶端版本Determining your Lync desktop client version

若要找出您使用的 Lync desktop 用戶端版本,請按一下 [選項] 圖示,開啟 [ 關於 lync ] 對話方塊。To find out which version of Lync desktop client you are using, open the About Lync dialog by clicking the options icon. 在 [ 選項 ] 功能表上 ,選取 [說明],然後 選取 [ 關於 Microsoft Lync]。On the Options menu, select Help and then select About Microsoft Lync. 用戶端版本號碼通常會顯示在 [ 關於 Lync ] 對話方塊的第一行。The client version number is usually displayed in the first line on the About Lync dialog.

Lync 用戶端更新Lync client updates

疑難排解 Lync 用戶端問題時,最常見的檢查之一,是要判斷您是否正在執行最新版本的 Lync 用戶端,以及是否已安裝所有的修補程式。One of the most common checks that to do when troubleshooting Lync client issues is determining whether you are running the latest version of the Lync client and if all patches are installed. 透過升級至產品的最新版本或更新,即可解決大部分取得報告的 Lync 用戶端問題。A majority of the Lync client issues that get reported are resolved by upgrading to the latest release or update of the product. 因此,強烈建議您先安裝最新版本的 Lync 用戶端,以及最新的更新,再聯繫 Microsoft 產品支援人員。Thus, we highly recommended that you install the latest version of the Lync client, along with the latest updates, before you contact Microsoft Product Support. 本文將協助您識別正確的發行版本本號碼。This article will help you identify the correct release version number.

Lync 用戶端的每個更新都有自己的版本號碼。Each update for Lync client has its own version number. 您可以查看相關的知識文庫文章,以判斷與更新相關聯的版本號碼,如下表所示。You can determine the version number associated with an update by looking at the related KB article, linked to in the following table.

Lync Server 更新Lync Server Updates

如需 Lync Server 2013 更新的相關資訊,請參閱 Microsoft 支援網頁上的 Lync Server 2013 更新For information about updates for Lync Server 2013, see Updates for Lync Server 2013 on the Microsoft support web.