Lync Server 2013 中的通話許可控制 CmdletCall admission control cmdlets in Lync Server 2013


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通話許可控制 (CAC) 會判斷是否有足夠的網路頻寬,可為可接受的品質建立即時音訊或影片會話。Call admission control (CAC) determines whether there is sufficient network bandwidth to establish a real-time audio or video session of acceptable quality. 您可以 configuraing 網路、網站和子網的限制與設定,以及它們之間的互動來管理 CAC。You manage CAC by configuraing limitations and settings for networks, sites, and subnets and the interactions between them.

Call Admission Control CmdletsCall Admission Control Cmdlets

使用下列 Cmdlet 來管理 Lync Server 管理命令介面的 CAC。Use the following cmdlets to manage CAC from the Lync Server Management Shell.

通話許可控制Call Admission Control