Lync Server 2013 的憑證摘要-反向 proxyCertificate summary - Reverse proxy in Lync Server 2013


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反向 proxy 的憑證需求比 Edge Server 的憑證需求更簡單。Certificate requirements for the reverse proxy are much simpler than that for the Edge Servers. 提供的流程圖提供必要的需求。The provided flowchart presents the requirements necessary. 伴隨的表格提供一般的憑證主體名稱與主體別名,與我們在 Edge Server 討論中已複習的案例有關。The accompanying table presents typical certificate subject name and subject alternative names in relation to the scenarios that we have been reviewed in the Edge Server discussions. 如需 Edge Server 案例的詳細資訊,請參閱 Lync server 2013 中的外部使用者存取案例For more details on the Edge Server scenarios, see Scenarios for external user access in Lync Server 2013.

反向 Proxy 的憑證流程圖表Certificates Flow Chart for Reverse Proxy

Edge Server 的憑證流程圖表Certificates Flow Chart for Edge Server

反向 Proxy:外部介面Reverse Proxy: External Interface

元件Component 主體名稱Subject name (SAN) /Order 的主體替代名稱Subject alternative name (SAN)/Order 註解Comments

反向 ProxyReverse Proxy

(選用) \:*。\*

憑證必須由公用 CA 和伺服器 EKU 所發行。Certificate must be issued by a public CA and with the server EKU. 服務包括通訊錄服務、通訊群組擴充的 Office Web Apps for 會議,以及 Lync IP 裝置發行規則。Services include Address Book Service, distribution group expansion Office Web Apps for conferencing, and Lync IP Device publishing rules. 主體替代名稱包括:Subject alternative name includes:

  • 前端伺服器或前端集區的外部 Web 服務 FQDNExternal Web Services FQDN for Front End Server or Front End pool

  • Director 或 Director 集區的外部 Web 服務 FQDNExternal Web Services FQDN for Director or Director pool

  • 電話撥入式會議Dial-in conferencing

  • 線上會議發佈規則Online meeting publishing rule

  • 適用于會議的 Office Web AppsOffice Web Apps for conferencing

  • Lyncdiscover (自動探索) Lyncdiscover (Autodiscover)

選用的萬用字元會取代「符合和撥入 SANThe optional wildcard replaces both meet and dialin SAN