Lync Server 2013 中的裝置更新規則Device Update rules in Lync Server 2013


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Microsoft 會定期為 Lync Phone Edition 發行一組新的裝置固件更新。Periodically, Microsoft releases a new set of device firmware updates for Lync Phone Edition. 裝置更新規則 會將固件更新與硬體裝置(電話及其他執行 Lync Phone Edition 的裝置)產生關聯。Device update rules associate firmware updates with hardware devices—phones and other devices running Lync Phone Edition.

若要取得最新的裝置更新規則集,請移至 Microsoft 網站上的 [說明與支援] 頁面,然後搜尋「Phone Edition」。To get the latest set of device update rules, go to the Help and Support page on the Microsoft website, and search for "Phone Edition." 下載更新套件,並將檔案解壓縮至要上傳更新之電腦上的資料夾。Download the update package, and extract the files to a folder on the computer where the updates are to be uploaded. 解壓縮檔案之後,請匯入解壓縮中所找到的裝置更新規則。 名稱的 CAB 檔 (。After the files have been extracted, import the device update rules found in the extracted .CAB file (which have the name 然後,使用 Lync Server 控制台或 Windows PowerShell Cmdlet,以查看及管理組織裝置的這些規則。Then, use the Lync Server Control Panel or Windows PowerShell cmdlets to view and manage these rules for your organization’s devices.

下列主題告訴您如何匯入、查看及管理裝置更新規則。The following topics tell you how to import, view, and manage device update rules.