Lync Server 2013 中的基礎結構和部署 CmdletInfrastructure and deployment cmdlets in Lync Server 2013


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Microsoft Lync Server 2013 所包含的基礎結構和部署 Cmdlet 在產品的初始安裝和部署中非常有用;在部署 Lync Server 之後,這些 Cmdlet 可用於執行下列動作:驗證元件是否如預期運作。管理複寫設定;和備份及還原 Lync Server 拓撲、原則及設定設定。The infrastructure and deployment cmdlets included in Microsoft Lync Server 2013 can be useful in the initial setup and deployment of the product; after Lync Server has been deployed these cmdlets can then be used to do such things as verify that components are working as expected; manage replication settings; and backup and restore the Lync Server topology, policies, and configuration settings.

基礎結構和部署 CmdletInfrastructure and Deployment Cmdlets

管理員幾乎不需要直接撥打許多基礎結構和部署。Administrators will rarely need to directly call many of the infrastructure and deployment. 這是因為當您執行安裝程式或拓撲產生器時,會自動叫用這些 Cmdlet。That is because these cmdlets are automatically invoked when you run Setup or the Topology Builder. (一個主要例外情況可能是 Export-CsConfiguration 指令程式,可讓您製作 Lync server 拓撲、原則及設定的備份複本。 ) 不過,在需要時,也可以從 Lync Server 管理命令介面或腳本中執行基礎結構和部署 Cmdlet;使用腳本可讓您自動執行某些工作。(One major exception might be the Export-CsConfiguration cmdlet, which enables you to make a backup copy of your Lync Server topology, policies, and configuration settings.) However, and when needed, the infrastructure and deployment cmdlets can also be run from the Lync Server Management Shell or from within a script; using a script enables you to automate certain tasks. 以下是與基礎結構和部署直接相關的 Cmdlet 清單:The following is a list of cmdlets that relate directly to infrastructure and deployment:

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