Lync Server 2013 中的 lync for Android 需求Lync for Android requirements in Lync Server 2013


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Microsoft Lync 2013 Microsoft Lync 2013 for Android 為組織中從 Android 裝置連線的使用者,提供立即訊息 (IM) 、增強型目前狀態,以及 Lync 會議加入功能。Microsoft Lync 2013 Microsoft Lync 2013 for Android provides instant messaging (IM), enhanced presence, and Lync meeting join capabilities for users in your organization who are connecting from an Android device. 本主題說明適用于 Android 的 Lync 2013 考慮,包括先決條件、技術需求及必要元件。This topic describes considerations for Lync 2013 for Android, including prerequisites, technical requirements, and required components.

Lync for Android 先決條件Lync for Android Prerequisite

若要支援適用于 Android 的 Lync 2013,Android 裝置必須符合下列需求:To support Lync 2013 for Android, the Android device must meet the following requirements:

  • Android 裝置必須執行 Android 4.0 或更新版本的裝置作業系統(包括平板電腦),但不含 Tegra2 晶片。The Android device must be running Android 4.0 or a later phone- or tablet-oriented operating system, including tablets, except those with the Tegra2 chip.

  • 裝置必須具有 1.2 GHz 雙核心或更高的 CPU。The device must have a 1.2 GHz dual core or higher CPU.

  • 裝置攝像頭 (前置/後) 解析度應為 VGA 或更高。The device camera (front/rear) resolution should be VGA or higher.

  • 其他硬體需求應與 Android 4.0 相容性定義檔對齊。Other hardware requirements should be aligned with Android 4.0 Compatibility Definition Document.

其他技術考量Other Technical Considerations

在 Android 裝置平臺上,Lync 應用程式可以在後臺執行。On the Android device platform, the Lync application can run in the background. 因此,與其他行動裝置平臺不同的是,Android 裝置不需要推播通知。Therefore, unlike other mobile device platforms, push notifications are not required for Android devices. 在 Android 裝置上退出 Lync 應用程式的唯一方法,就是以明確方式登出 Lync。The only way to exit the Lync application on an Android device is to explicitly sign out of Lync. Tegra 2 晶片組的裝置不支援此版本的 Lync 應用程式。This version of the Lync application is not supported on devices with Tegra 2 chipsets.