Lync Server 2013 中新的通話駐留應用程式功能New Call Park application features in Lync Server 2013


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通話駐留應用程式可讓企業語音使用者呼叫暫止,然後再從任何電話取回。The Call Park application makes it possible for Enterprise Voice users to put a call on hold and then retrieve it later from any phone. 停用通話的使用者可以撥打通話保留所提供的軌道編號,以取得寄存通話,或使用外部機制(如立即訊息 (IM) 或分頁系統)來要求其他人取得通話。The user who parked the call can either dial the orbit number provided by Call Park to retrieve the parked call or use an external mechanism, such as instant messaging (IM) or a paging system, to ask someone else to retrieve the call.

Lync Server 2013 會以容錯移轉和回切處理常式的形式提供新的嚴重損壞修復機制。Lync Server 2013 provides new disaster recovery mechanisms in the form of failover and failback processes. 當主要集區中發生中斷時,這些容錯移轉和容錯移轉程式可支援通話駐留功能的復原,方法是讓駐留在主要集區中的使用者利用備份組區的通話駐留應用程式。These failover and failback processes support recovery of Call Park functionality by allowing users who are homed in the primary pool to leverage the Call Park application of the backup pool when an outage occurs in the primary pool. 在設定及部署成對的前端集區時,會啟用通話駐留應用程式的嚴重損壞復原支援。Support for disaster recovery of the Call Park application is enabled as part of the configuration and deployment of paired Front End pools.