Lync Server 2013 中的通話駐留概覽Overview of Call Park in Lync Server 2013


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Lync Server 2013 通話駐留應用程式可讓企業語音使用者執行下列其中一項動作:The Lync Server 2013 Call Park application lets Enterprise Voice users do any of the following:

  • 進行暫止通話,然後從相同電話或其他電話取得通話。Put a call on hold and then retrieve the call from the same phone or another phone.

  • 進行暫止通話,將其轉接至部門或一般區域 (例如,移至銷售部門或存在公共區域電話的倉庫) 。Put a call on hold to transfer it to a department or general area (for example, to a sales department or a warehouse where there is a common area phone).

  • 保留通話,並將原始接聽電話保留空閒狀態供其他電話使用。Put a call on hold and keep the original answering phone free for other calls.

當使用者公園通話時,Lync Server 會將來電轉接至暫時號碼(稱為 軌道),在此呼叫會保留,直到被取回或超時為止。Lync Server 會將軌道傳送給停用通話的使用者。When a user parks a call, Lync Server transfers the call to a temporary number, called an orbit, where the call is held until it is retrieved or it times out. Lync Server sends the orbit to the user who parked the call. 若要取得寄存通話,使用者可以撥打軌道號碼,或按一下 [交談] 視窗中的 [軌道] 連結或按鈕。To retrieve the parked call, the user can dial the orbit number or click the orbit link or button in the Conversation window.

停用通話的使用者可以使用外部機制(如立即訊息 (IM) 或分頁系統)來通知人員取得通話,以與其他人溝通軌道號碼。The user who parked a call can notify someone to retrieve the call by using an external mechanism, such as instant messaging (IM) or a paging system, to communicate the orbit number to someone else. 停用通話的使用者可以讓 [交談] 視窗保持開啟,以在檢索來電時收到通知。The user who parked the call can leave the Conversation window open to receive notification when the call is retrieved.

因為軌道範圍是全域唯一的,所以如果路由設定正確,可以從任何 Lync Server 網站或 PBX 電話取回來電。Because orbit ranges are globally unique, it is possible to retrieve calls from any Lync Server site or PBX phone if routing is configured appropriately. 如果沒有人在可設定的時間內取回通話,則呼叫會傳回寄存其的人員。If no one retrieves the call within a configurable amount of time, the call rings back to the person who parked it. 如果此人沒有回答回電,則會將來電轉接至 fallback 目的地(例如,如果已設定,則為操作員)。If that person does not answer the ringback, the call is transferred to a fallback destination, such as to an operator, if so configured. 您可以設定來電響鈴的次數,再從一到十次轉接。You can configure the number of times the call rings back before being transferred from one to ten times. 如果沒有人接聽轉接的電話,則通話會中斷連線。If no one answers a transferred call, the call is disconnected. 檢索或中斷通話呼叫時,會釋放軌道。The orbit is freed when the call is retrieved or disconnected.

當您部署通話駐留時,您必須保留駐留通話的分機號碼範圍。When you deploy Call Park, you need to reserve ranges of extension numbers for parking calls. 這些分機必須是虛擬分機:沒有指派使用者或電話的分機號碼。These extensions need to be virtual extensions: extensions that have no user or phone assigned to them. 然後,您可以使用分機號碼範圍設定通話駐留軌道表格,並指定哪些應用程式服務主控處理每個範圍的通話駐留應用程式。You then configure the call park orbit table with the ranges of extension numbers and specify which Application service hosts the Call Park application that handles each range. 每個前端集區在對應的後端伺服器上都有一個呼叫駐留表,用來管理集區上寄存的呼叫。Each Front End pool has a Call Park table on the corresponding Back End Server that is used to manage calls that are parked on the pool. 軌道範圍的清單儲存在中央管理存放區中,用來將軌道式路由傳送至目的地集區。The list of orbit ranges is stored in Central Management store and is used to route orbits to the destination pool. 在其中部署及設定通話駐留應用程式的每個 Lync 伺服器集區,都可以有一或多個軌道範圍。Each Lync Server pool where the Call Park application is deployed and configured can have one or more orbit ranges. 軌道範圍在 Lync Server 部署中必須是全域唯一的。Orbit ranges must be globally unique across the Lync Server deployment.

您也可以設定其他通話駐留設定,例如,在通話超時的位置,以及電話上的人員是否會在寄存時,是否會聽到音樂。You also configure other Call Park settings, such as where calls are redirected if they time out and whether the person on the phone hears music while parked. 您也可以在通話處於保留狀態時,指定要播放的音樂檔案。You can also specify the music file to play while the call is on hold.


在 Lync Server 2013 嚴重損壞修復程式中,自訂的封存暫止檔案,不會備份通話駐留,如果上傳至集區的檔案損毀、損毀或清除,將會遺失。Customized music-on-hold files for Call Park are not backed up as part of the Lync Server 2013 disaster recovery process and will be lost if the files uploaded to the pool are damaged, corrupted, or erased. 請永遠為通話保留,保留您為通話保留所上傳之自訂音樂暫止檔案的個別備份副本。Always keep a separate backup copy of the customized music-on-hold files that you have uploaded for Call Park.

通話駐留應用程式是 Enterprise Voice 的元件。The Call Park application is a component of Enterprise Voice. 當您部署企業語音時,會自動安裝通話駐留應用程式並加以啟用。When you deploy Enterprise Voice, the Call Park application is installed and activated automatically. 不過,您必須先設定企業語音管理員,並透過語音原則為使用者啟用通話駐留,才可使用通話保留。Before you can use Call Park, however, the Enterprise Voice administrator must configure it and enable it for users through voice policy.