Lync Server 2013 中的 PSTN 使用方式記錄PSTN usage records in Lync Server 2013


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規劃 PSTN 使用方式記錄,主要是列出組織中目前強制執行的所有呼叫許可權,從 CEO 到暫存工作者、顧問和員工。Planning PSTN usage records consists mainly of listing all the call permissions that are currently in force in your organization, from the CEO to temporary workers, consultants, and contingent staff. 此程式也可讓您重新檢查現有的呼叫許可權並加以修正。This process also provides an opportunity to reexamine existing call permissions and revise them. 您只能為適用于您預期的 Enterprise Voice 使用者的呼叫許可權建立 PSTN 使用方式記錄,但較好的長方案可能是針對所有呼叫許可權建立 PSTN 使用方式記錄,而不論某些可能目前未套用到啟用 Enterprise Voice 的使用者群組。You can create PSTN usage records only for those call permissions that apply to your anticipated Enterprise Voice users, but a better long-range solution might be to create PSTN usage records for all call permissions, regardless of whether some may not currently apply to the group of users to be enabled for Enterprise Voice. 如果新增了具有不同呼叫許可權的撥號許可權變更或新使用者,您就已建立必要的 PSTN 使用方式記錄。If call permissions change or new users with different call permissions are added, you will have already created the required PSTN usage records.

下表顯示一般的 PSTN 使用方式表格。The following table shows a typical PSTN usage table.

PSTN 使用方式記錄PSTN Usage Records

Phone 屬性Phone attribute 描述Description


本機通話Local calls


長途通話Long distance calls


國際通話International calls


新德里全職員工Delhi full-time employees


雷德蒙的全職員工Redmond full-time employees


Redmond 臨時員工Redmond temporary employees


蘇黎世全職員工Zurich full-time employees

PSTN 使用方式記錄本身不會執行任何動作。By themselves, PSTN usage records do not do anything. 為了讓他們能夠運作,您必須將它們與下列專案產生關聯:For them to work, you must associate them with the following:

  • 指派給使用者的語音原則。Voice policies, which are assigned to users.

  • 指派給電話號碼的路由。Routes, which are assigned to phone numbers.

如需語音原則和路由的詳細資訊,請參閱 lync server 2013 中的語音原則lync server 2013 中的語音路由For details about voice policies and routes, see Voice policies in Lync Server 2013 and Voice routes in Lync Server 2013. 如需如何建立及設定的詳細資訊,請參閱 在 Lync Server 2013 中設定撥出電話的語音路由For details about how to create and configure them, see Configuring voice routes for outbound calls in Lync Server 2013.