Lync Server 2013 的集區容錯移轉及集區回復器恢復時間Recovery time for pool failover and pool failback in Lync Server 2013


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針對集區容錯移轉及集區容錯移轉,「恢復時間目標」的工程目標 (RTO) 30 分鐘。For pool failover and pool failback, the engineering target for recovery time objective (RTO) is 30 minutes. 這是容錯移轉所需的時間,在管理員決定發生災難並初始化容錯移轉程式之後。This is the time required for the failover to happen, after administrators have determined there was a disaster and initiated the failover procedures. 它不包括管理員評估情況和作出決定的時間,也不包括使用者在容錯移轉完成後再次登入的時間。It does not include the time for administrators to assess the situation and make a decision, nor does it include the time for users to sign in again after failover is complete.

針對集區容錯移轉及集區回復,復原點目標的工程目標 (RPO) 為30分鐘。For pool failover and pool failback, the engineering target for recovery point objective (RPO) is 30 minutes. 這代表由於備份服務的複寫延遲而因災難而遺失的資料時間量。This represents the time measure of data that could be lost due to the disaster, due to replication latency of the Backup Service. 例如,如果集區在 10:00 A.M. 時停機,RPO 為30分鐘,將資料寫入至集區的 9:30 A.M.。For example, if a pool goes down at 10:00 A.M., and the RPO is 30 minutes, data written to the pool between 9:30 A.M. 和 10:00 A.M。可能尚未複製到備份組區,將會遺失。and 10:00 A.M.might not have replicated to the backup pool, and would be lost.

本檔中的所有 RTO 和 RPO 都是以兩個網站之間的高速度、低延遲傳輸的方式,假設兩個資料中心位於相同的世界地區內。All RTO and RPO numbers in this document assume that the two data centers are located within the same world region with high-speed, low-latency transport between the two sites. 這些數位是針對包含40000個同時作用中使用者的集區200000,以及在資料複寫中未進行待辦事項的預先定義使用者模型啟用 Lync 的使用者。These numbers are measured for a pool with 40,000 concurrently active users and 200,000 users enabled for Lync with respect to a pre-defined user model where there is no backlog in data replication. 它們可能會根據效能測試和驗證而變更。They are subject to change based on performance testing and validation.