Lync Server 2013 的前端伺服器、立即訊息及顯示狀態的技術需求Technical requirements for Front End Servers, instant messaging, and presence in Lync Server 2013


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立即訊息 (IM) 和目前狀態,永遠都是在 Enterprise Edition 前端集區和 Standard Edition server 上執行。Instant messaging (IM) and presence always run on Enterprise Edition Front End pools and Standard Edition servers. 如需支援的硬體、作業系統和資料庫軟體詳細資訊,請參閱以下:For information on supported hardware, operating systems, and database software, see the following:

支援的組合Supported Collocation

前端伺服器角色可以和中繼伺服器組合在一起。您也可以在前端伺服器上執行監控和封存。不過,前端伺服器不能與 Edge Server 或 Director 組合。The Front End Server role can be collocated with Mediation Server. You can also run Monitoring and Archiving on Front End Servers. Front End Server cannot be collocated with Edge Server or Director.