在 Lync Server 2013 中測試 Lync Phone Edition 登入Testing Lync Phone Edition login in Lync Server 2013


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驗證排程Verification schedule


測試控管Testing tool

Windows PowerShellWindows PowerShell

必要的權限Permissions required

使用 Lync Server 管理命令介面在本機執行時,使用者必須是 RTCUniversalServerAdmins 安全性群組的成員。When run locally using the Lync Server Management Shell, users must be members of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins security group.

使用 Windows PowerShell 的遠端實例執行時,必須為使用者指派具有執行 Test-CsPhoneBootstrap Cmdlet 許可權的 RBAC 角色。When run using a remote instance of Windows PowerShell, users must be assigned an RBAC role that has permission to run the Test-CsPhoneBootstrap cmdlet. 若要查看可使用此 Cmdlet 的所有 RBAC 角色清單,請從 Windows PowerShell prompt 中執行下列命令:To see a list of all RBAC roles that can use this cmdlet, run the following command from the Windows PowerShell prompt:

Get-CsAdminRole | Where-Object {$_.Cmdlets -match "Test-CsPhoneBootstrap"}


Test-CsPhoneBootstrap Cmdlet 可讓系統管理員使用 Lync 2013 Phone Edition 相容裝置登入系統,以驗證指定的使用者(使用指派的電話號碼和 PIN 碼)。The Test-CsPhoneBootstrap cmdlet enables administrators to verify that a given user—using the phone number and PIN assigned to him or her—can log on to the system from a Lync 2013 Phone Edition-compatible device. (實際執行測試時,不需要裝置。 ) (No device is actually needed to run the test.)

為了讓 Test-CsPhoneBootstrap 進行檢查,主控所測試之使用者帳戶的註冊集區集區必須可透過 DHCP 來探索。In order for Test-CsPhoneBootstrap to make its check, the Registrar pool that hosts the user account being tested must be discoverable using DHCP. 若要判斷註冊機構是否以這種方式被探索,請使用 Cmdlet Get-CsRegistrarConfiguration,並檢查 EnableDHCPServer 屬性的值。To determine whether a Registrar is discoverable in this manner, use the cmdlet Get-CsRegistrarConfiguration and check the value of the EnableDHCPServer property. 如果此屬性設為 False,則必須使用 Set-CsRegistrarConfiguration 將屬性值設定為 True,並讓註冊機構可使用 DHCP 加以探索。If this property is set to False, you must use Set-CsRegistrarConfiguration to set the property value to True and make the Registrar discoverable using DHCP. 您也可以使用企業 DHCP 伺服器及設定 Lync Server 特有的選項來執行此動作。This can also be done by using Enterprise DHCP Server and configuring the Lync Server-specific options.

執行測試Running the test

若要執行 Test-CsPhoneBootstrap Cmdlet,您必須至少為有效的 Lync Server 使用者提供電話號碼及用戶端個人識別碼 (PIN) 。To run the Test-CsPhoneBootstrap cmdlet, you must, at a minimum, supply the phone number and client personal identification number (PIN) for a valid Lync Server user. 例如,下列命令會測試具有電話號碼12065551219和 PIN 碼0712之使用者的登入能力:For example, this command tests the logon ability for the user who has the phone number 12065551219 and the PIN 0712:

Test-CsPhoneBootstrap -PhoneOrExt "+12065551219" -Pin "0712"

若要進行更完整的檢查,您也可以包含使用者的 SIP 位址。For a more comprehensive check, you can also include the user’s SIP address. 在此情況下,必須全部有效的電話號碼、用戶端 PIN 和 SIP 位址,才能成功測試:In that case, the phone number, client PIN, and SIP address must all be valid for the test to succeed:

Test-CsPhoneBootstrap -PhoneOrExt "+12065551219" -Pin "0712" -UserSipAddress "sip:kenmyer@litwareinc.com"

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Test-CsPhoneBootstrap Cmdlet 的說明文件。For more information, see the Help documentation for the Test-CsPhoneBootstrap cmdlet.

決定成功或失敗Determining success or failure

如果指定的使用者能夠連線至 Lync 伺服器,則會收到類似下列的輸出,並將 Result 屬性標示為 [ 成功]:If the specified user was able to connect to Lync Server, you'll receive output similar to this, with the Result property marked as Success:

TargetUri: https://atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com:443/CertProv/TargetUri : https://atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com:443/CertProv/


TargetFqdn: atl-cs-001.litwareinc.comTargetFqdn : atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com

結果:成功Result : Success

延遲:00:00:06.3981276Latency : 00:00:06.3981276

錯誤:Error :

診斷:Diagnosis :

如果指定的使用者無法進行連線,則結果會顯示為 [失敗],而且會在 [錯誤] 和 [診斷] 屬性中記錄其他資訊:If the specified user was not able to make a connection, then the Result will be shown as Failure, and additional information will be recorded in the Error and Diagnosis properties:

TargetFqdn: atl-cs-001.litwareinc.comTargetFqdn : atl-cs-001.litwareinc.com

結果:失敗Result : Failure

延遲:00:00:04.1993845Latency : 00:00:04.1993845

錯誤:錯誤-沒有為 Web-Ticket 服務接收任何回應。Error : ERROR - No response received for Web-Ticket service.

診斷:Diagnosis :

先前的輸出說明測試失敗,因為 Web 票證服務沒有回應。The previous output states that the test failed because the Web Ticket service did not respond. 這可能是因為服務本身發生問題,或是因為 SIP 位址、電話號碼或用戶端 PIN 碼已傳遞至 Test-CsPhoneBootstrap。This could be due to a problem with the service itself, or it might be due to the SIP address, phone number, or client PIN passed to Test-CsPhoneBootstrap. 您可以使用類似下列的命令來驗證使用者的 SIP 位址和電話號碼:You can verify the user’s SIP address and phone number by using a command similar to this one:

Get-CsUser -Identity "sip:kenmyer@litwareinc.com" | Select-Object SipAddress, LineUri

您可以使用下列命令來確認使用者是否有有效的 PIN 碼:And you can verify that the user has a valid PIN by using a command as follows:

Get-CsClientPinInfo -Identity "sip:kenmyer@litwareinc.com" 

如果 Test-CsPhoneBootstrap 失敗,則您可能想要重新執行測試,這次包括 Verbose 參數:If Test-CsPhoneBootstrap fails, then you might want to rerun the test, this time including the Verbose parameter:

Test-CsPhoneBootstrap -PhoneOrExt "+12065551219" -Pin "0712" -Verbose

包含 Verbose 參數時,Test-CsPhoneBootstrap 會傳回每個動作的逐步帳戶,檢查所嘗試的每一項動作時,檢查指定的使用者登入 Lync 伺服器的能力。When the Verbose parameter is included, Test-CsPhoneBootstrap will return a step-by-step account of each action it tried when it checked the ability of the specified user to log on to Lync Server. 例如,以下是失敗登入的部分輸出,其中包含不正確 PIN 碼的會話:For example, here is a portion of the output for an unsuccessful logon, a session in which an incorrect PIN was included:

使用 PIN 驗證搭配電話 \ 分機: 12065551219 PIN:0712Using PIN auth with Phone\Ext : 12065551219 Pin : 0712

無法取得 web 票證Could not get web ticket

檢查:CHECK :

- Web 服務 url 有效且 web 服務可運作- Web service url is valid and the web services are functional

- 若要使用 PhoneNo \ PIN 來驗證,請確定它們符合使用者 uri- If using PhoneNo\PIN to authenticate, make sure they match the user uri

- 若要使用 NTLM \ Kerberos 驗證,請確定您提供有效的認證- If using NTLM\Kerberos auth, make sure you provided valid credentials

測試可能失敗的原因Reasons why the test might have failed

以下是一些 Test-CsPhoneBootstrap 可能失敗的常見原因:Here are some common reasons why Test-CsPhoneBootstrap might fail:

  • 您可能指定了不正確 SIP 位址。You might have specified a SIP address that is not valid. 您可以使用類似下列的命令來驗證 SIP 位址是否正確:You can verify that a SIP address is correct by using a command such as this one:

    Get-CsUser -Identity "sip:kenmyer@litwareinc.com"
  • 您可能指定了不正確 PIN 碼。You might have specified a PIN that is not valid. 雖然您無法取回使用者的 PIN 碼號碼,但您可以使用類似下列的命令,確認使用者至少具有 PIN 碼號碼:Although you can't retrieve the user’s PIN number, you can verify that the user at least has a PIN number by using a command similar to this:

    Get-CsClientPinInfo -Identity "sip:kenmyer@litwareinc.com"
  • 您可能指定了不正確電話號碼。You might have specified a phone number that is not valid. 您可以使用類似下列的命令來驗證使用者的電話:You can verify a user’s phone by using a command similar to the following:

    Get-CsUser -Identity "sip:kenmyer@litwareinc.com" | Select-Object LineUri
  • 註冊機構集區未啟用 DHCP。The Registrar pool is not DHCP-enabled. 若要判斷您的註冊區集區是否已啟用 DHCP,請執行 Get-CsRegistrarConfiguration Cmdlet,並檢查 EnableDHCPServer 屬性的值。To determine whether your Registrar pool is enabled for DHCP, run the Get-CsRegistrarConfiguration cmdlet and check the value of the EnableDHCPServer property. 例如:For example:

    Get-CsRegistrarConfiguration -Identity "global"